Why Donald J. Trump Is the Most Towering Political Figure in Living Memory

“No policy that does not rest on some philosophical public opinion can be permanently maintained.” — Abraham Lincoln

The Director of the Claremont Institute Tom Klingenstein recently gave a seventeen minute speech about Trump titled “You Know His Vices, But Do You Know His Virtues?

When people say “I like Trump…but..”, they should understand those “but” characteristics they dislike are the very traits that make Trump the best champion in our lifetime, for this current “cold” civil war.

Klingenstein explains: “Doubters shouldn’t be bothered by a President who says Haiti is a shithole behind closed doors, or that Maxine Waters has a low IQ . Doubters should be worried about a candidate who can’t say it, won’t say it, or lies about saying it.”

Below are a few Trump reminders that Director Klingenstein made in his speech.

  • Trump knows the media can’t be negotiated with, or reformed. It must be defeated.
  • Trump smoked out rats from hiding places. We now know our intelligence agencies are corrupt.
  • We watched Trump loosen the grip of political correctness, while Republicans wouldn’t engage.
  • Trump made it clear it’s a privilege to enter our country, foreigners should assimilate to us.
  • Trump wants back that nostalgic America guided by relentless optimism, grit, and determination.
  • Before Trump, politicians hid from the public that China is our mortal enemy. Now we all know.
  • Trump’s virtue, backbone, and fortitude are the new standard to judge candidates.
  • Trump’s supporters, and the spirit they embrace, are the new life force of the Republican Party.
  • Trump was born for this current crisis, the life and death fight against woke communism.
  • The “cold” civil war divide in our country was exposed by Trump, not created by him.
  • In war you need strong men to make a stand. Trump is a manly man, with resolve.
    When you’re in the right, you fight to win. Sometimes this means doing distasteful things.
  • Leadership strength is in short supply. Trump understands there are no clean hands in a fist fight.
  • Trump wants people to learn how to love our country, not be taught how to hate it.

WATCH: You Know His Vices, But Do You Know His Virtues?


Tom Klingenstein is the Chairman of the Claremont Institute, he is also a philanthropist, public speaker, writer, and a playwright. He believes that we are in a cold civil war and that our enemy—what he calls the “Woke regime”—are winning, in large measure because Republican leaders have yet to engage.

His essays, speeches and plays all encourage Republicans to do just that— to think, talk, and act as if we are at war. Among his essays are: “Preserving the American Way of Life”, Fighting the Mob”, “Winning the Cold Civil War”, “Men and the Future of America”, and many others. His work has been published at the Claremont Review of Books, Newsweek, American Mind, American Greatness, and Real Clear Politics.

His speeches such as, “A Man vs. A Movement”, “Trump’s Virtues”, and “Racism in America Today” have been viewed by millions of his fellow Americans. His most recent play, “If Only” explores a fictional interracial love story with Abraham Lincoln playing the role of matchmaker.

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