MUST WATCH: If I Were the Deep State I Would…

We have seen many short videos about the “Deep State” but this one beats them all, by a long shot.

WATCH: If I were the Deep State… Paul Harvey? No, but sure sounds like him.

Since the inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. he, and the deep state, have:

  1. Pulled out of Afghanistan while leaving Americans to die.
  2. Demonstrated and demanded the Murdering of babies – through abortion.
  3. Arrested people for praying and quoting the Bible.
  4. Cancelled people for saying the most qualified should get the job.
  5. Cancelled people for claiming there is only 2 genders.
  6. Lied about pornography and child mutilation in schools.
  7. Lied about our Borders being secure.
  8. Lied about the economy being the best with low inflation.
  9. Lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  10. Lied about the Inflation Reduction Act and its $2 Trillion cost.
  11. Lied giving subsidies to Green Company donors that do nothing.
  12. Lied about manipulating stock market for power and gain.
  13. Lied about large corporations with the banking money power, imported cheap foreign labor, resulting in countless labor riots.
  14. Lied about indoctrinating Marxism in all education programs.
  15. Lied about race and dividing the Americans – its the curricula.
  16. Lied about how the money power took control of the influential colleges and universities lowered standards and forced Affirmative Action incompetence in ALL government and industry.
  17. Lied about Conservation easements and other programs that eliminate private property and force foreclosures through regulations and taxes.
  18. Lied about allowing foreign entities to buy America while outsourcing America’s jobs and industry.
  19. Lied about the money and power of globalists to create starvation and suffering in America, the nation of plenty and how small family farms are set up for foreclosures.
  20. Lied about selling our resources to our enemies and allowing them to own American industry.
  21. Lied about illegals and Marxists committing crimes, doing drugs and burning our cities without consequences.
  22. Demonized fiat money so people will be forced into digital currency based on carbon credits, a disaster for all Americans resulting in sustainable poverty for all Americans.
  23. Lied about climate change and the human and carbon affect.
  24. Lied about J6 refusing to allow the photos and films to be shared to learn the truth.
  25. Lied about federal spending and pushing a phony CR to push Americans into further debt.
  26. Lied about working to push Americans in further bondage.
  27. Lied about weaponizing the American government to go after Americans instead of our enemies.
  28. Lied about giving American sovereignty to the United Nations.
  29. Lied about COVID, masks, Ivermectin, lockdown of small business while leaving big biz donors open.
  30. Lied about sending people to jail for J6 and speaking about the stolen election.
  31. Lied to Congress and the American people.
  32. Lied about controlling the legacy and social media, forcing censorship.
  33. Lied about giving illegals #2200 per month. BTW, how much have you gotten?

And much, much more.

The Bottom Line

On Tuesday, November 5, 2024 we the people must answer with our votes the following questions:

  • Do we want a bigger and bigger government or not?
  • Do you want to continue to send billions in our tax dollars to dictators or not?
  • Do we want open borders or not?
  • Do we want billions of taxpayer dollars going to illegal aliens or not?
  • Do we want parents to have control of what their children learn in public schools or not?
  • Do we want control over the type of automobile we own or not?
  • Do we want to make more money in order to pay our mortgage, feed and cloth our family or not?
  • Do we want to have available the cheapest and most reliable sources or energy or not?
  • Do we want the right to speak freely or not?
  • Do we want a Constutional Republican form of government or not?
  • Do we want to choose our sex or believe in the science that states there are only 2 genders, male and female?
  • Do we want America to be great or do we want the swamp to control America?
  • Finally, do we want a president who loves America or one that hates America?

If you want less government, control over your children’s education, the ability to choose your car, pay your mortgage, feed and cloth your family, use cheap reliable power, speak freely, restore our Constitutional Republican form or government, be a man and a woman, drain the swamp and have a president who truly loves American then your know what to do.

On Tuesday, November 5, 2024 use your vote to take back America and return power to the people.

We wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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