VIDEO: ‘Why DEI Must End for Good’—Bari Weiss Gets a Lot Right Here

This is very good. But it’s our view that if you see what is taking place and describe it, in effect you are controlled opposition. Seeing what is happening but failing to understand its nature or intent actually perpetuates it. Makes you a slave to it one way or another. This is not hypocrisy by McGill at Harvard or the other university heads. This is a very clear use of the dialectic to move the revolution forwards. It is nothing short of that. Bari is great here in terms of describing what took place at the hearings where these women shocked the nation with their stammering defence of calls for genocide as protected speech, but implemented punishments for “misgendering”. Which is proof of exactly our thesis. But goes off the rails when she claims that saying this or that is the moral equivalent of screaming the N word in public. The N word was just an earlier dialectic. One of the first tactics to make it a crime to use a word in ANY context at all. And yeah, while you may not find it as a crime on the law books, everyone knows that the punishment they fact for using it is tantamount to a criminal punishment. What you call it, makes no difference. Unless you call it the N word of course.

At 12 minutes though, she does in fact get way closer to the real issue. But the issue of DEI appears to be tactical. That is to say, the way the communists intend to destroy Israel. They are destroying Ireland, Scotland, Italy and other Western nation states through mass immigration and other forms of dialectical negation. Making it illegal to acknowledge the culture of the majority of the people in Western nations  such as Christmas etc. but forced to accept massive street prayers by Muslims is another. The strategy, is the total and utter destruction of the nation state, of reason, of logic, and mostly of the individual. The rest is tactics. Get bogged down in those and you may win a battle or two now and again but you lose the war. Our failure, well one of many, is failing to think big enough to understand the enemy’s plans for us. Which is why so few could believe the vaxx was a bad idea.

Barri is awesome. We were so happy when she left the NYT as one of their editors, and still follow Alex Berenson, another ex-NYT professional who saw where it was heading. But antisemitism, while real, while the consequences of it will be catastrophic for a lot of people, seems to be another vector of attack from the meta view.


Florida Law Defunds DEI in Higher Ed

Wisconsin Legislature Slashes DEI Positions in Public Universities

EDITOR NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with video posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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