WATCH: Anti-Israel protesters march through New York City, disrupt traffic

The protesters were seen holding PLO flags and anti-Israel signs.

Pro-Palestinian Arab protesters marched through New York City on Monday afternoon, making stops at major transportation hubs and disrupting traffic along the way, Fox News reported.

The hundreds of protesters walked in traffic lanes while passing buses and cars, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Many of the protesters were seen holding Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags and signs that read, “From Gaza to Jenin, Revolution until Victory,” and “Support Palestinian Resistance,” among other things.

The protest began at Grand Central Station before moving to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and there were reports the protest would move to Penn Station next.

One protester was heard on video saying the US was just as responsible for the “genocide” against Palestinian people in Gaza as the Israelis were responsible, according to Fox News.

Anti-Israel protests have been a regular occurrence in New York City since the start of Israel’s war against Hamas on October 7.

In late November, pro-Palestinian Arab protesters halted traffic in New York City by descending at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge and demanding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The demonstration occurred a day after hundreds of demonstrators packed Columbus Circle, at one point dragging a burning Israeli flag down the street and warning those who support Israel: “Your days are numbered.”

Two days earlier, a group of about 30 anti-Israel protesters ran into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan and some of them glued themselves to the street.

Source Hindustan Times

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