Goodness, What an Unpleasant Little Creature This Greta Thunberg Turns Out to Be

Greta Thunberg has been commenting on the climate conference just held in Dubai. Her appalling remarks can be found here: “Greta Thunberg slams COP28 climate deal and Israel, waves Palestinian flag,” by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, Jerusalem Post, December 17, 2023:

Thunberg, 20, has been “standing with Gaza” since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, not only on social media but also at rallies. She was recently filmed chanting “crush Zionism” at a pro-Palestinian rally in Sweden.

When Greta Thunberg slams the COP28 climate deal and Israel, while she waves the Palestinian flag and cries “crush Zionism,” does she have any idea that Israel is, climate-warningly speaking, on the side of the angels, and the Arabs on the side of the devils? I doubt that Thunberg is aware that Israeli scientists have made their tiny country a leader in solar technology, and Israeli solar companies work on projects all over the world; the Jewish state has done more to help the world move away from fossil fuels than all 22 members of the Arab League combined. But it probably would have no effect; Ms. Thunberg has made up her mind: Israel is the oppressor, the Palestinians are the oppressed, and there’s an end on’t. Please don’t try to confuse her with facts.

Goodness, what an unpleasant little creature this Thunberg turns out to be. She’s not for a “two-state solution.” She’s not for a “ceasefire.” No, she wants to “crush Zionism,” which means she wants to put paid — violently — to the tiny Jewish state. And what about the Israeli Jews? Oh, they can scatter to the winds. Why should she care? She’s saving the world.

It takes a moral idiot to “stand with Gaza,” which means “stand with Hamas,” when that same Hamas has just provided the world with a catalogue of horrors. Hamas, the terror group that Greta Thunberg stands with, on October 7 had 3,000 of its operatives swarm into Israeli kibbutzim, where they killed more Jews than had been killed at any time since the Holocaust. But it was not simple killing. No, it was diabolical in its insensate cruelty. Hamas operatives beheaded babies, burned children alive, gang-raped, tortured, and murdered young girls, sliced the breasts off women, gouged out the eyes, and cut off the genitalia off men, murdered children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children, sliced open the stomach of a pregnant woman, pulled out the fetus before killing the mother. They videotaped each other, as they raped, tortured, mutilated, and murdered. They called home, to excitedly tell their proud parents that “I killed ten Jews with my own hands!” These are the people Greta Thunberg is “standing with” when — after October 7 — she “stands with Gaza.”

“The final outcome of #COP28 is not a ‘historic win,’” Thunberg tweeted. “It is yet another example of extremely vague and watered-down texts full of loopholes that in no way is even close to being sufficient for staying within the 1.5° limit and ensuring climate justice.

“Phasing out fossil fuels is a bare minimum,” she wrote in the three-part thread. “We need drastic immediate emission cuts and binding commitments from the largest contributors of [sic]the climate crisis to finance loss and damages, adaptation and a just transition in the most affected areas.”…

Running off at the mouth, is Greta Thunberg. It’s all very well, what she says — she’s asking for the moon and sixpence — but she’s like the Miss America contestant who solemnly tells the judges that when she is not reading Camus and Dostoyevsky, she is “working for world peace” and hopes “to achieve it by the time I’m thirty.” Thunberg offers a wish list — and so can I, and so can any man — but not a single hint as to how her desired climate future will come about. She wants a “phasing out of fossil fuels.” Okay. But which ones in what order? By what date? And to be replaced by what other sources of energy? How do we choose between, say, nuclear power and solar energy? Or solar and wind? Questions, Greta, questions you are incapable of answering..

And why is it, Greta Thunberg, that you did not discuss the real obstacle at the COP28 meeting — the opposition of the Arabs to anything less vague than that adopted promise “to transition away from fossil fuels” in a “just, equitable, and orderly manner”? Or are these mere “details” too trivial for Greta Thunberg, World’s Greatest Authority, to think about?

In October, she posted a photo on X in which she and her friends held signs like “Free Palestine,” “Stand with Gaza,” “This Jew Stands with Palestine,” and “Climate Justice Now.” After that post, the Education Ministry said it would remove any mentions of the climate activist as a “role model” from the nation’s public school curriculum.

Good for the Swedish Education Ministry, that has determined that her anti-Israel remarks disqualify her from being held up as someone for schoolgirls to emulate. Keep on saving the world, Greta. Stick to that. You’ll do less damage that way. And for god’s sake, leave little Israel, now fighting for its survival, alone.



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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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