American Fascism: How Soviet Socialism is Devouring Our American Dream

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within… The traitor is the carrier of the plague. You have unbarred the gates of Rome to him.” — Cicero

Similar idea was expressed by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms, it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.”  Human nature has not changed since Cicero. It is true—the traitor is the carrier of the plague…My beloved America the Beautiful is experiencing that exact plague today that was brought to us by Soviet Fascism and has no idea bout it…

The ideas are not flying on air by wind—the people are implementing the ideas, and disseminating them. History proves it.  As soon as Adolf Hitler came to power to provide the Third Reich thousand years of life, the Reich was spreading the Fascist ideology across the world. Europe was the first victim. Do you remember ‎Austrian Anschluss in 1938? That was only the beginning and America didn’t escape the policy. German teachers and professors marched to America to share their Fascist ideology. The institution of student’s exchange had been created. Hitler’s right-hand Joseph Goebbels determined the manners and methods of the teaching: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Neither President FDR, nor President of Harvard University had opposed it and brainwashing of America has begun: American students in Germany and Americans by German students in America. All of that has ended up in WWII and millions death…

Alas, history loves to repeat itself. Twenty years later, another dictator, Joseph Stalin, a former partner of Adolf Hitler, borrowed Hitler’s policy. The Russian agitators marched to Europe and America carrying Stalin’s ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism. Stalin had the same agenda, like Hitler, to spread his ideology around the globe to have One World Socialist Government under Russia’s rule. He knew that to defeat capitalism he needed masses of people and his Military and KGB had joined agitators helping Chinese Communists to create a Chinese Communist State in the 1940s. The entire infrastructure of the Russian Intelligence Apparatus had been repeated in China’s government. Since then, the ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism, has been exercised by both countries, though under different names: Soviet Socialism in Russia and Communism in China. They are intimately connected by the umbilical cord of the Stalinist design.

Seventy years later the COP is puzzled in the vicious circle of ignorance, talking about Marxism, as the American enemy #1 for decades. They won’t come out of this vicious circle of incompetence, until understanding that Marxism is dead, Stalin killed it. Marxist Theory has never been materialized in practices by any governments. We are dealing with Stalinist Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism, writing and warning America and the world about it. Under the name of Soviet Socialism, Stalin and his devoted disciples have been fooling and deceiving the world and the U.S.A, for the last hundred years. Stalin was preaching Marxism, to defraud people, but implemented his Soviet Socialism in Russia and across the globe. As a matter of fact, the fraudulent ideology of Soviet Socialism can’t exist without the force of punitive agencies to sustain the agenda. That is the reason I was introducing to America the actual force: KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer for the last forty-two years. Read my column: The Stalin/Andropov Legacy in America: Controlled Opposition.

The vicious circle of ignorance has done even more harm to the American mind, it diverted attention from the actual culprit—the KGB’s Mafia/Army. Look at the current debate within the COP, they are unable to connect simple things in front of them, because they don’t know the Russian history, Stalin’s era of “a famous murderer of the 20th century.” Sean Hannity repeated a hundred times the foreign countries that had bribed Biden’s White House: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, China and Romania. He just doesn’t know that all former Soviet satellites and former Soviet Republics are still under the power of the KGB. Stalin had designed it that way—no foreign transaction could’ve escaped the KGB’s supervision—the carrier of the plague. Without knowledge of Russia and its counterintelligence Apparatus we will never defeat the Democrats infiltrated by that Apparatus and using the Russian policy of disinformation against the Republicans today.

The same supervision of the KGB we have in all corners of the society, including the sport. Enes Kanter Freedom, from Turkey feels it deeply, standing respectfully and singing the anthem. Like me with Russia, he has a personal experience with Turkey, he ran away from.  He couldn’t see his family for ten years. Turkey has been playing the double-game since the 20th century, it became obvious under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, the friend of Vladimir Putin.  Look for the carrier of the plague around Colin Rand Kaepernick, an American civil rights activist and football quarterback, and you can find a lot of bad actors around him in our midst… There are thousands of them. Sean O’Brien, the President of teamsters. would know who killed Jimmy Hoffer and has known what a candidate the teamsters should support in the 2024 election by reading my columns.

There are not many knowledgeable individuals either in the COP or Dems leadership or American social media, let alone the shameful presentations of three presidents of the IVY Leagues Universities missing the enormous danger of anti-Semitism. As a result, the American people stay ignorant and have no idea of the KGB’s Mafi/Army—an Evil Doer, the carrier of the plague that has been committing War Crimes against Humanity for the last hundred years. I’ve been warning about the terrorist state of Russia spreading its fraudulent ideology across the globe, marrying Islam with Communist ideology and using Jihad to fight Western civilization. Finally, the Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army penetrated the White House and the Putin/Biden collusion continued to fight against the Republican party and the American political system, the game of ploys in America, which was started by the Dems party decades ago. Read my columns about how the KGB has killed a Truman’s Party turning it over to Socialism.

I couldn’t break through the wall of mistrust for years. Perhaps, the word Mafia didn’t click in the American mind as a politically organized crime. To prevent Americans from learning the truth, the FBI has submitted my name to the FISA Court and the Court made me a Foreign Agent in 2002, with consequent sabotaging of my writings. Can you imagine my feeling, when I heard Sammy the Bull, Gravano, former mobster, who analyzed the Bidens family, speaking with Jesse Walters on Fox News, Prime Time, November 30, 2023? Sammy Gravano is an American former mobster who became underboss of the famous Gambino crime family/Mafia. Sammy spoke pretty well in complete agreement with my opinion—Biden’s team is a Mafia. I would add—the Soviet Mafia. Read my latest columns for details.

The weaponized FBI  

The weaponized FBI is playing a special role in the Biden government, it has been weaponized exactly the way Stalin weaponized the KGB in the 1930th. The FBI is not only dysfunctional against the Hunter lab-tab, it is also very well-functioning against the Truth, defending Biden. New details about Derek Chauvin’s attack by Ramond “Mundo” Mendoza author of Mexican Mafia Encyclopedia was speaking with Jesse Walters, Prime Time, 12/4/2023. He insisted that a Mexican Mafia-attacker of Derec Chauvin was the FBI’s mole. I believe him, but the entire predicament is a quite complicated case. First, there is no Mexican Mafia and Mexican Cartels, those are Russian Mafia and Russian Cartels. They had been established by Stalin in 1950-60s. I Read my columns or books about the era of Stalin’s dictatorship and the use of Spanish children in spreading the ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism in Mexico. Also go to Fact-Check of history.

Second, the pundit’s discussion on dictators is laughable. If the people don’t know Stalin’s era of the 20th century and his dictatorship, they have no idea of the real dictators in the 21st century. Though many books are written about Stalin, the GOP incompetents allow the Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer to harm America and the world with impunity in the 21st century. Today, the Democrat Biden’s team has continued collaborating with Putin, implementing Soviet Socialism in America. The White House coordinating-colluding with Russia on the Southern border against the American political system. Biden’s ties with Putin started in suffocating Ukrainian democracy in 2014-2015. The Burisma actual documents are the evidence of Biden’s collusion with pro-Russian thugs, the owner of Burisma and the friend of the former pro-Russian Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych. Biden’s quid-pro-quo statement is the best evidence of his collusion with Putin against the democratic Ukraine…

Biden’s collusion with Putin has another very visual evidence—Southern Border—the devastating pictures seen by us. It is Biden’s policy of open border that provided Vladimir Putin’s KGB with the opportunity to organize migrants gathering them from 120 countries globally. Those pictures stay in human memory and tell the real story. And the real story is not about bribes only, but TREASON, the Putin/Biden Plot—the real criminal actions against the American Constitutional republic and Law. Donald Trump Jr. is right: “If you were trying to destroy America from within, would you do anything different than today’s Democratic Party?” Do you remember the 2020 “Summer of Love?” Hundreds of policemen were injured, destruction of property and vandalism have reigned. That was American Fascism in action. Read my column: The Putin Biden KGB Border PlotOctober 17, 2022.

Third: The same supervision of the KGB we have in all corners of the society, including the sport. Enes Kanter Freedom, from Turkey feels it deeply, standing respectfully and singing the anthem. Like me with Russia, he has a personal experience with Turkey, he ran away from.  He couldn’t see his family for ten years. Turkey has been playing the double-game since the 20th century, it became obvious under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan-President of Turkey, the friend of Vladimir Putin.  Look for the carrier of the plague around Colin Rand Kaepernick, an American civil rights activist and football quarterback, and you can find a lot of bad actors around him in our midst. There are thousands of them. Sean O’Brien, the President of teamsters. would know who killed Jimmy Hoffer and has known what a candidate the teamsters should support in the 2024 election by reading my columns.

Violence and the rising crime in America won’t stop until American Fascism runs the Democrat party. There is another caveat on the FBI issue to dessus. Maybe Vivek Ramaswamy is right–January 6 is an “inside job.” As I have already stated before, our problems lie in the awareness of the actual enemy, which is not Marxism, but the actual culprit, the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer… Rep. Clay Higgins Drops Bombshell Truths about January 6th, discovering the FBI’s dirty tricks of the “ghost buses.”

“That’s when Higgins discovered the “ghost buses” loaded with federal agents who were dressed as Trump supporters. Higgins has also revealed that there were feds dressed as Trump supporters who were already stationed inside the US Capitol before the Antifa-in-disguise people started breaking windows. This is one of the most important videos about January 6 that we’ve seen to date.” Watch as Higgins explains everything he’s uncovered to Lara Logan, it is long, but very truthful testimony. I recognized all features of the KGB dirty tricks, used by the FBI and American fascism in his interview, December 15, 2023

Fourth: don’t be surprised by student’s pro-Hamas protests in American Colleges and Universities. It is a product of long-term Russian policy towards the Middle East, desired to stay in the dark behind the scene, acting through its proxies on the Middle East. Soviet Fascism is quite a manipulating ideology: but the agenda is the old one: to fight American capitalism and drive America from the area. We are not aware of that, because both the FBI and CIA are not able to identify the foreign agents freely acting against America on our soil–both don’t know Russia and its counterintelligence Apparatus—as a result Soros destroys us for thirty years.  Ramond “Mundo” Mendoza, author of Mexican Mafia Encyclopedia insisted that a Mexican Mafia-attacker of Derec Chauvin in prison was the FBI’s mole. I believe it is true, but there is no Mexican Mafia, but the Russian one, which is another connection of Biden’s team with Russia. Moreover, the FBI’s connection with Russia is making our national security doomed…

I’ve introduced the Stalinist Socialist modus operandi almost in all my columns so it is important. Stalinist Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication and fraud. Pay attention to the Biden’s team: they all are covering up the truth by lying non-stop, turning America on the brink of destruction. The implementation of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism by the Democrat party, had been going on for several decades, changing drastically our political system and culture. Talking about the ideology America’s pundits use the term Marxism, which is critically wrong, as it confuses the audience and diverting attention from the real culprits doing it for decades. As a former Soviet attorney knowing the dirty tricks of the KGB’s Mafia/Army, I started warning the American public by my writings forty-two years ago.

There are many features of Soviet Socialism I have identified in Biden’s America and writing about them. The main actor of the achievements is the Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army. The FBI targeting Catholics as possible terrorists has completed the list of common identities with the Soviet/Russian KGB. Though all Soviet people had been under government censorship, the tactic of discrediting and silencing critics, the minorities were targeted for their religions as well. Stalin had planned to deport all Jews from the European part of the country to Siberia or the Far East. My family had been targeted to remove us from Leningrad. Stalin’s death saved us in 1953. Yes, Jews were the first, but the second target were Catholics. Read my columns on politics and religions in The Soviet Union to see the real similarity of the KGB and the FBI.

Extremism depends on political ignorance and we have it in our Colleges and Universities: 10% of students fighting for Palestinian cause think that Yasser Arafat was the first Israeli Prime Minister. Fascism is a very manipulating ideology, it’s dangerous for all people and especially for people loving freedom Fascism and Socialism are two sides of the same coin of a totalitarian regime. Fascism in conjunction with Soviet Socialist modus operandi has become a sophisticated form of a veil, allowing Soviet Fascism committing War Crimes, staying incognito. Nobody talks about Soviet Fascism, the Russian terrorist state and War Crimes of a global assault on Western civilization by them for centuries. I hope the war in Israel will bring some light to the truth. Hamas is the Russian proxy, like Iran and other members of the new “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella. Russian war on Ukraine and Israel-Hamas War is one war waged by Soviet Fascism against Humanity, I’ve been writing for forty-two years. Let me give you some paragraphs to grasp that.

Failed AMERICAN Intelligence

It is impossible to ignore a colossal failure of Israeli Intel by oversleeping the October 7, 2023 massacre. The fiasco of the Israeli Intel is not unique. The American FBI and CIA are dysfunctional today—they have no clue of the Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army. Winston Churchill once described Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”—words that still ring true. Considering Russia’s current war with Ukraine—and Russia’s role in the shifting balance of power in today’s world—a better understanding of Russia is critical. Jenifer Griffin gave a summary of Hamas on Fox News, 11/3/2023. It was only half of the truth.

As a former Soviet attorney, I know the other half. Do you know that Russia’s Intel recruited Arafat in 1957? The infiltration to the Middle East by Russia’s Intel began then. Do you know that Arafat’s lieutenant Abbas is running a Palestinian State today? Those are the patterns of the Soviet/Russian infiltration to the Middle East to create their proxies in the 1950-1970s. All of that has been managed by the KGB’s Mafia/Army—an Evil Doer. Their espionage is flourishing in Europe and America as well. If Russia was alone spreading Socialism/Communism in the 20th century, we are dealing now with a tandem of Russia and China. It is not Marxism now coming from China, but Stalinist Soviet Fascism…

“Europe now has members of the KGB in some parliaments and there is another facet to the Russian connection. As you know, recruited by the KGB in 1957, Arafat is dead, but we have mini-Arafat–Mahmoud Abbas. The connection with the Kremlin stays the same. He is literally a student of Moscow with Soviet “academic credentials”; his dissertation had denied the Holocaust. Look at Arafat’s corrupt people surrounding Abbas: the same corrupt structure plus Hamas and Hezbollah under Russia’s supervision, ready to wipe Israel off the world map. Don’t expect peace in the Middle East—the KGB is there!” Read my column The Global Spy Ring, January 1, 2018.

We are at the Putin/Biden global war against Western civilization and American Capitalism. Biden’s don’t, don’t, don’t is not a deterrence to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, but a demonstration of weakness. There was no deterrence and Putin occupied Crimea in 2014. The Israel-Hamas war also will be a test for Biden/Democrats. His team knows that Syria is Russia’s proxy: they won’t show the force. They know that all terrorist’s movements including ISIS, bin-Laden and others were supervised by Russia. Biden’s team is Controlled Opposition and will operate from weakness with no adequate response to attacks on the American personnel of the military bases in Syria and Iraq. Read my columns about the KGB’s Mafia/Army war waged in the Middle East, in 1979 to see a total Russian supervision of the region. Saddam Hussein was Russia’s proxy at the time. Syria is a good example to show that Russian supervision, read: The Failing Intelligence and the Russian Connection, November 12, 2023. Read about Syria to grasp War Crimes committed by Russia for decades.

The Republicans missed a chunk of Russian history, allowing the Dem collusion with Russian Intel. We have the result in 2023. Now the FBI/Biden/Putin conspiracy I have been writing about for the last forty years, exposed by Musk.

Read: The censorship and crises on the border is the result of Biden/Putin collusion.

Read: Unmasking the Underground Enemy: Russia

Yes, Biden’s team has shown its real face by betraying Israel and calling for a cease-fire. Some Republicans are helping Biden’s team to fool you, talking about Marxism as our main enemy. There was a discussion between three respected men: Thomas Sowell, Mark Levin, and Victor Davis Hanson on Fox News, November 25, 2023. They were discussing Biden’s government run by the Radical Left. I was amazed, watching three of the most intelligent men in America, talking about Marxism today. Stunning by listening to them, I was still waiting for the truth. Alas, they didn’t know the truth, they didn’t know Stalinism and his ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism. None of them has mentioned Russia or a master of A Global Spy Ring, Globalist Putin. In fact, they diverted people’s attention from the actual culprit—the Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer, described by me for the last forty-two years… Today, I have to give France a token for the truth.

In a France24 article France issues arrest warrant for Bashar al-Assad Rampart Stonebridge reports,

In a groundbreaking legal move, France has issued an international arrest warrant for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, charging him with complicity in crimes against humanity.

“This action stems from the horrific chemical attacks in Syria in 2013, which claimed the lives of over 1,400 individuals near Damascus. The warrant implicates Assad directly in the 2013 chemical attacks, marking a significant step in international efforts to address war crimes.”

France is talking about the War Crimes of the new “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella. Bashir al-Assad’s Syria is the proxy, a member of “Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella, described by me during the last forty-two years… “The 2013 chemical attacks, a dark chapter in Syria’s history, resulted in international outrage and condemnation. In August of that year, videos surfaced, showing the harrowing effects of the attack on civilians, including numerous fatalities. These videos were pivotal in drawing global attention to the severity of the situation.”

Knowing Soviet Fascism, I have no doubts—the chemicals for attacking the population in Syria has been provided to Bashar al-Assad by Russia, the War Crimes are on going.

My fellow Americans!

Learn this story of American Fascism to save our American Dream.

©2023. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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