The Point is Never the Point, and The Issue is Never the Issue

1. But think of all the great restaurants!

Tunisian mass stabs colleagues at Quebec restaurant

2. Good thing they don’t want bodily autonomy. I hope the lawyers for the Coutts 4, men in prison without trial in Canada, for protesting at the bridge see this.

3. German Police Detain Man Over Christmas Cathedral ‘Islamist’ Terror Threat

BERLIN (AP) – German authorities say they have detained a man in connection with a reported threat to Cologne Cathedral over the holiday period.

Police searched the cathedral with sniffer dogs just before Christmas, and Christmas Eve worshippers faced security checks to get into midnight Mass there. They didn’t specify the threat, but German news agency dpa said authorities were responding to indications of a possible attack by Islamic extremists, without citing a specific source.

Cologne police said they took precautions over Christmas even though the information they had pointed to a threat on New Year´s Eve.

4. With the left and Islam, the point is never the point. The issue is never the issue, The destruction of the West in every way is always the issue.

5. Interview with Wolfgang Wodarg, the medical professional who stopped the Swine Flu vaxx, and was instrumental in warning us all about the mRNA/DNA shots discusses the threat to democracy by the WHO.

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This is the most understated juxtaposition perhaps of all time.

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