2024: End the Year of the Evil Muslim Jihadi — Support the State of Israel

As you get ready to celebrate a New Year, there is a very good chance that your life will be disrupted by Evil Muslim Jihadis in 2024.

I’m not talking about being affected by the depression you feel when you see our Southern border completely overrun with hordes of people not only from shithole countries but from enemy countries and completely stable countries, about 150 different countries. (BTW – Why can’t these people go to other countries instead of America if they feel unsafe in their own country?)

The disruption I’m talking about is you or a loved one being confronted by a HAMAS protest or terrorist attack on the road, at a store, on the campus, in a church, at a synagogue or at some sort of large public event. Hundreds of insane people screaming at you and stopping you from living in America as a free American.

Before you think I may be overstating the threat from Muslim jihadis or activists, give Director Wray a call at the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and ask him what he means when he says there are “blinking red lights everywhere!”

Or ask the idiot, Armani-clothed, Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, who campaigned on NYC being a Sanctuary City and now, experiencing the reductio ad absurdum of that nonsense, has New York locked down for New Years, like some military base in the middle of a war zone, all because of Evil Muslim Jihadis.

The Biden Administration, with scores of staff who are pro-HAMAS, pro-Marx, anti-Israel and anti-American, view our border national security disaster as a blessing form Satan or Allah (as the case may be) whereby these hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL law breakers, are working perfectly to disrupt America and bring in as many Muslim jihadis as possible.

Add to the Progressive, Marxist effort to destroy America, the fact that Israel will be aggressively killing the Evil Muslim Jihadis for all of 2024, and the purple heads of the Ivy-Leaguers will explode with “cease-fire, cease-fire,” maybe the most asinine chant ever.

If they really want a cease-fire, tell them to call up the HAMAS leaders and tell Ismail Haniyeh, Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, Khaled Meshaal or Mousa abu Marzook to surrender and release all the hostages! The second HAMAS surrenders, the war is over.

I can go on and on, graphically describing the various threats headed for America in 2024, but I want to give you HOPE as we ring in the New Year.

Many good people, the US Military, Law Enforcement and America Patriots, are spending their waking hours to fight the Evil Muslim Jihadis and their anti-America comrades. Among this group is our Team at The United West.

We are very confident that the good guys will win this war and it is a war, primarily cultural now, but only a hop, skip and jump from going kinetic.

So, here is part of our 2024 plan to help save America, Israel and Western Civilization. Join us in this righteous battle.

On Saturday October 7, 2023, following a devastating surprise attack by HAMAS on the citizens of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initiated Operation: Swords of Iron, a massive military campaign to completely obliterate every aspect of the HAMAS infrastructure, fighting capability, communication effectiveness and kill all terrorist members.

Israel will win the kinetic element of this war, but if past is prologue, Israel will lose the information battle of this war.

The United States cannot allow Israel to lose the kinetic or the information war as the national security ramifications to our Homeland are immense.

One gauge of successful support of Israel in America is whether Americans vote for pro-America, pro-Israel leaders on November 5, 2024. One strategic goal of The United West is to operate educational programs that result in a Pro-America, Pro-Israel, Pro-Border Security President in 2024.

The United West will assist with the educational goal of helping Israel win this righteous battle, particularly in communications, information management and public relations. Essentially, we can bring our many years of experience and expertise into the battleground of ideas, arguing that Israel is America’s number one national security partner, essential to stability in the Middle East. In this context, from Saturday, October 7, 2023 to election day, Tuesday, November 5, 2024, The United West initiates our campaign, SWORDS OF IRON – The United West – USA


The United West is an all-volunteer, educational counter-terrorism organization comprised of professionals with experience in business, military, intelligence, law enforcement, media and academia. We have four mission objectives:



The United West is dedicated to defending and advancing the Judeo-Christian West against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of anti-American systems, including Islam, Marxism and Chinese communism so that America remains a land of freedom, justice, and opportunity grounded in the principles of our Constitutional Republic.


Our team’s focus is on several areas with our primary goal of organizing Americans to fight with Israel:

Positive presentation of Israel/America’s superior moral position of defeating the attack of Islamic jihad against Israel and the West. Implementing a devastating expose’ of all false arguments presented against Israel/America/West.

Educating elected officials to understand the threat of Islamic Jihad and mobilize these officials to support Israel and pressure the Biden Administration to continue supporting and suppling Israel, so that the Israelis fight the jihadis over there to help us avoid fighting the jihadis in our Homeland.

Mobilize Americans to adopt a comprehensive “War Footing” modality that results in advancing personal, family, community and national security measures. One aspect of this critical program is the development of private citizens to assist law enforcement, as force multipliers, being the extended eyes and ears of our thin blue line.

In 2022, we produced a 46-minute broadcast quality documentary about the national security disaster on our Southern border. Our movie, “Death County & the River of Broken Dreams,” featured former ICE Director, Tom Homan with his 35-years of experience on the border.
As a result of this successful production, we have been asked to make a documentary exposing the HAMAS as a terrorist organization, and their unspeakable massacre of Jews, on October 7, 2023. We are in the fundraising phase of this project


The United West has seventeen years of frontline, research, communication and activism capabilities which includes, writing, speaking, TV, video, movie, and radio production. In addition, we have participated, organized and led untold protests, rallies, programs and very unique events. Obviously, included in our wheelhouse is the ability to operate in a legally subterfuge manner, procuring helpful information, usually backed up with video recordings.


Every so often in History, through God’s providence, good men and women are offered an opportunity to fight for the moral good, with our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor. This is one such moment, against the combined evil forces of Islamic jihad, communist totalitarianism, and organized Marxism all joining together in a chaotic frenzy to hate America, hate Israel, hate the Jews and hate the West. How can we not fight?


Everyone, especially those holding a Judeo-Christian worldview, whether young or old, rich or poor, black or white, must take a contemplative moment and figure out how they fit into this pivotal, possible apocalyptic moment in history. The level of your commitment to the moral good is not based up your time or resources, but on that fact that when the call came to join the fight, you stepped up.


The United West relies completely on private donations. We are an IRS – approved, 501 C-3, tax-deductible, educational non-profit organization. Our budget for our one-year, Swords of Iron campaign is available upon request.


The United West has excellent relations with the citizens, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Israel, but our campaign has no official relationship to anyone or any agency in Israel. We proudly stand in support of Israel in this epic battle for
the survival of Western Civilization.



Produce an investigative expose’ movie on the HAMAS, an Islamic terrorist organization, and their attack massacre of Jews, on October 7, 2023, in Israel. Utilizing real-time video footage, produced by HAMAS terrorists, combined with a comprehensive public history of audio, video and written media will unquestionably establish the complete obliteration of Jewish people, as the ultimate goal of Islamic Jihad.


Israel is in a kinetic war with uncivilized Islamic Jihad. The civilized West is in an ideological war with uncivilized Islamic Jihad. HAMAS is the focal point of this kinetic and cultural war, with a significant global movement supporting the HAMAS on both aspects of this war. An expose’ movie, showing to the world, who the HAMAS is, what they believe and why they will never stop trying to obliterate Israel and Jewish people worldwide. This movie will educate the world and a good portion of the people will change their views and support Israel and the West in this epic battle between good and evil.


The United West has extensive experience with its top-tier team researching, analyzing and producing all types of media, including short and long form movies that impact public opinion. Our team is ready, willing and able to produce this movie both in Israel and the United States.


The timeline for this movie is dependent on funding. Once all the money is together, this is a three-month project. To assist with raising significant money, we need initial money to produce a professional “pitch deck,” which is a comprehensive, confidential document that shows the complete project, including the team, scene development, analysis, distribution and all elements of making HAMAS, including distribution and follow-up.


We have a core team of 10 members who have worked together for 10 – 15 years. This team includes retired members of the CIA, former FBI, law enforcement, business and academia. In addition to this outstanding team, we have Dan Gordon, a world-class, award-winning Hollywood writer, producer director. Dan is an American – Israeli who has served with the IDF for 50 years and still is involved

Dan Gordon was conceived in Alberta Canada, born in Los Angeles California and raised there and in the Valley of Jezreel in Israel.

His screen credits include “Rambo: Last Blood” (story by), ” The Hurricane” (Academy Award nomination – Denzel Washington), “Wyatt Earp” (Kevin Costner), “Murder In The First” (Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon), “The Assignment” (Sir Ben Kingsley , Donald Sutherland) , and “George Foreman Story” ( Sony). He has over 200 hours of television credits and his plays, performed on Broadway and in the West End in London include stage adaptations of “Rain Man,” “Terms of Endearment,” “Murder in The First,” and Best Broadway play nominee (Outer Circle Critics’ Award) “Irena’s Vow.”


EDITOR NOTE: This The United West column and video are republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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