A response to MSNBC blaming Prime Minister Netanyahu for the Hamas Oct 7th attacks

Last week two MSNBC presenters blamed Prime Minister (without reliable data or references) as the main responsible person for Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct 7th.

MSNBC criticized Netanyahu stating:

  • “Netanyahu allowed the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.”
  • “Netanyahu allowed the terrible massacre, and [it was] his fault for the massacre.”
  • “Why didn’t the army come for 8 hours while women are being raped, and Israelis citizen are being murdered?”
  • “When Netanyahu will pay for his crimes?”
  • “Why did people on Netanyahu’s behalf order to finance Hamas by Qatar fund?”

On the morning of Oct 7th Netanyahu was busy studying and absorbing all the new information that came to him on the Hamas attack. Netanyahu knew nothing about the upcoming attack since the top military officers did not wake him up and did not report to him about the firm data they knew (few hours before the attack) about the upcoming attack by Hamas. Therefore, Netanyahu was busy with the important and fast decision to recruit 350,000 reservists and decision that Israel is in a state of war (complex decision) and in coordinating actions and decisions with the Israeli FBI, CIA (Mossad), and the top officers of the military on the top strategy of war and busy in evacuating all the villages and cities in the north, close to Lebanon boarder, and busy talking with President Biden and other world leaders. Therefore, he cannot do anything in the detailed operational command of the military and the police on October 7

The warnings about the Hezbollah attack from the north came also on October 7th, and Netanyahu decisions about what to do against this threat and when to evacuate the northern villages and cities were done at the same time and together with the beginning of the battles against Hamas and not after. If Netanyahu had waited, the entire Galilee would have been occupied by Hizballah, according to experts

  • The Qatari money came to the families of the Gazans as humanitarian aid. Without this aid, tens of thousands Gazans would simply walk and entered Israel without any possibility of stopping them. Therefore, the Israeli governments approved the Qatari money as aid to the Gazans.

Iran financed Hamas with one billion dollars per year in last 15 years by supplying missiles, cement to build hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, weapons and mortars in huge quantities, from Egypt through huge tunnels and Iran is responsible for the growth of the monster Hamas.

In 2019-Netanyahu pushed for extensive action in Gaza against Hamas. BUT—Netanyahu knew that the security system Chief of Staff Kochavi and Shit Bet (FBI) chief Nadav Argman and others would oppose the move.

Therefore, in 2019, Netanyahu convened the cabinet ministers by telephone, without involving the senior members of the defense establishment.
The cabinet approved the operation BUT—Some senior members of the security establishment threatened to resign.

And, in addition, they turned to the help of the ombudsman Mandelblit – who stopped the process… (judiciary system influence controls Israeli government).

Fighters who were sent on October 7 to stop the Hamas – did not get any command from top military officers and wait there without doing anything until two days later go out to fight (they follow the command of the TOP rank military officers).

Gal Schwartz, a fighter reservist said:

“We were a few minutes’ drive from the Kibbutz that were attacked and their people were murdered, but they left us wait there without doing anything until two days later”. We trained exactly on this outline – a raid by 200 terrorists Hamas on a storm outpost. We were trained to fight against Hamas, we knew the decree and we were ready to fight (They got no command from the top military officers to move in and fight Hamas).”

Police officers were almost the main fighters against Hamas on October 7th as they were independent and not under the command of the top rank military officers .

MSNBC didn’t give Bibi credit for the quick leadership decision in evacuating the north villages and criticized him on missing activities of the top military even so it was not under his control and it is not his job to take care on details of the war.

Where are MSNBC’s proofs and facts that show that Netanyahu did not direct the army to attack Hamas?

This is what Netanyahu did in the first 7 hours, he arrived in military headquarter an hour after the attack began Retired Brigadier Isaac Fogel said in interview :

Gantz, Ashkenazi and Ya’alon (former chiefs of staff and NOW part of the opposition to the government) opposed carrying out the plans of four military region officers to attack Hamas on 2015 – the four officers had creative action plans on how to eliminate Hamas, but Gantz, Ashkenazi and Ya’alon rejected all four officers: Yom Tov Samiya, Gallant, Doron Tal, and Russo.

Watch former PM Ehud Barak strongly and verbally aggressively objected to eliminating Hamas in 2009, which was a very simple attack against the small Hamas on 2009 as described in the video below:

Olmert (former PM)strongly opposed to eliminating Hamas in 2007 with a very simple attack against the tiny Hamas, immediately after Hamas murdered the Palestinian Authority policemen in Gaza and threw them from the roofs with brutal barbarism actions.

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