NYC On High Security Alert For New Year’s Eve Festivities In Preparation For Islamic/Left-Wing Violence and Riots

New York is the last place you want to be New Year’s Eve. Islamic supremacists and their left-wing stooges are waging war on this country. You can deny that reality but you cannot avoid the consequences of denying reality.

The NYPD and FBI are preparing to secure Times Square for the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected at Sunday’s New Year’s Eve celebration. The FBI said it received an influx of tips about potential threats since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

Police will set up a perimeter from Sixth Avenue to Eighth and from 41st Street to 57th. Officers will check people entering the zone, in part to make sure they’re not bringing backpacks, duffel bags or alcohol.

The NYPD is also preparing for protests like the one near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting in November. Since Oct. 7, the NYPD has policed an average of more than five protests per day related to the Israel-Hamas war.

“There’s a protest every day in New York City, so there’s certainly going to be a protest on New Year’s Eve,” said NYPD Intelligence Division Commanding Officer John Hart.

NYC heightens security for New Year’s Eve bash in anticipation of possible pro-Palestine activities

By: Vivek Saxena | Biz Pac Review December 30, 2023

The New York Police Department is reportedly stepping up security in preparation for possible pro-Palestinian protesters hijacking the city’s New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square.

According to NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the city is unaware of any “specific threats” at the moment but is preparing anyway.

“There are no specific threats to the city, but as we saw last year, you don’t have to have a specific threat to get a threat, and we’re going to be ready,” he said at a press conference Friday.

Last year, a man reportedly attacked three NYPD officers with a machete in Times Square.

Despite there being no specific threats, pro-Palestinian groups have been calling for protests in Times Square for weeks now. And considering previous protests that disrupted major city events — such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade — numbered in the thousands, the city is prepared for anything.

“We’re prepared for them in any number,” Assistant NYPD Chief John Hart explained to the New York Daily News. “We’re prepared for different groups from different places, and we will make sure this event stays safe.”

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