What Hamas Did to the Girls and Women in Gaza

The full horror of what happened to them is now coming out. It is just what you expected. What is unexpected is that it was The New York Times, so often unfair to Israel, that published this detailed account. More on the rapes, tortures, and murders of Israeli girls and women on October can be found here: “In harrowing detail, NYT reports on weaponization of rape, sexual violence on Oct. 7,” Times of IsraelDecember 29, 2023:

In a comprehensive, horrifying exposé published on Thursday {Dec. 28], The New York Times detailed the systematic sexual violence against Israeli women and girls employed by Palestinian terrorists during Hamas’s unprecedented October 7 rampage through southern Israel.

The two-month investigation includes interviews with more than 150 witnesses, medical personnel, first responders, soldiers, rape counselors, and government officials, along with the scanning of video footage, photographs and GPS data from cell phones.

The piece begins with the description of a harrowing video that circulated widely in the days after Hamas’s monstrous assault on southern Israel that Saturday morning. The footage, filmed in the early hours of October 8, shows the partially charred remains of a woman whose face is burned beyond recognition, and who is naked from the waist down, legs spread, her black dress hiked up. Her body is lying beside a car that was set alight on Route 232, which runs parallel to the Gaza Strip, where many people trying to flee the outdoor Supernova festival near Kibbutz Re’im were massacred by Hamas terrorists. Some 360 of the 1,200 people slaughtered that day were from the rave.

The woman in the video was later identified as Gal Abdush, a 34-year-old mother of two from central Israel, who attended the Supernova festival with her husband, Nagi Abdush, 36. Police say they believe Abdush was raped before she was murdered and her body set alight. It took about a week to identify her, according to the report. Her husband’s body was found days later, and was so badly burned that authorities needed DNA testing to identify him.

The New York Times said it identified at least seven locations across southern Israel where women and girls were apparently sexually abused or mutilated. Those the paper interviewed described finding the bodies of more than 30 women in and around the Supernova rave site and in two nearby kibbutzim in a similar state as Abdush’s — “legs spread, clothes torn off, signs of abuse in their genital areas.”

Photographs viewed by The Times included ones of a woman in a besieged kibbutz who was found with dozens of nails driven into her thighs and groin. Footage viewed by the newspaper showed two dead Israeli soldiers at an overrun military base apparently shot directly in their vaginas.

A paramedic from a commando unit told the newspaper he had found the bodies of two teenage girls, sisters aged 13 and 16, in a room in Kibbutz Be’eri with their clothes ripped. One was lying on her side with “bruises by her groin,” and the other “was sprawled on the floor face down,” the paramedic said, “pajama pants pulled to her knees, bottom exposed, semen smeared on her back.”…

Mirit Ben Mayor, a police chief superintendent, told The New York Times she believed the brutal atrocities committed by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli women and girls on October 7 marked a combination of “the hatred for Jews and the hatred for women.”

Those who are capable of rational thought should, with such accounts as these, understand why Israel cannot possibly allow Hamas to exist as a military threat. This is only part of the story of what was done that day by the Hamas killers: the gang-rapes, the mutilation of bodies, the torture, the murders, and the hilarity exhibited — the joking, the laughing, the giggling — by Hamas killers as they did what they did to these Jewish girls and women. There is much more that has been left out: the rapes and murders of pre-adolescent girls, the slicing off of breasts, the seizure of girls not only by Hamas, but by those “innocent civilians” who accompanied Hamas on its rampage, participated in the torture and slaughter, and took back to Gaza their own female captives, to be used as sex slaves, as some may still be doing. But this is more than enough. The New York Times, so often to be condemned for its reporting on Israel and the Palestinians, this time deserves praise.



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  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Thus far, practically all rape accusations from the Oct. 7 attacks have proven to be baseless and have been walked back. Until we have more verification, I will take this story with a ton of salt.

    CNN report claiming sexual violence on October 7 relied on non-credible witnesses, some with undisclosed ties to Israeli govt
    ~ in Mondoweiss (news site of Jewish journalist Phillip Weiss)

    Despite lack of evidence, allegations of Hamas ‘mass rape’ are fueling Israeli genocide in Gaza

    Scandal-stained Israeli ‘rescue’ group fuels October 7 fabrications
    ~ Serial rapist Orthodox Jew heads islamophobic organization churning out anti-Hamas gossip and smears

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:

      The proof of Hamas butchering, raping, torturing and killing little girls, little boys, women and men are from their own Go Prow cameras.

      The Israeli government has put together a film showing these images and shown them to various news outlets.

      Recently even the New York Times did a front page article about the Hamas terrorists atrocities.

      I’m sure Israel will never stop until these monsters are dead.

      May God continue to bless the Chosen Ones.


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