Stay Patient for His return Soaring Like Eagles

As we commence 2024 millions of believers are still waiting patiently for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As we watch nation rise up against nation, earthquakes destroying cities, planes exploding on runways, Communist governments abroad and within our own republic continuing to oppress and crush the liberties of individuals.

It’s important to stay patient while we are waiting for His return which will result in our strength continually being renewed daily as we anchor ourselves for the long haul knowing that the timing of God is perfect.

So as we wait, we soar above these earthly storms looking down on the unfolding chaos created by fallen men and women engaging in self indulgence and self destructive actions and then claiming the cowardly status of victim.

Like eagles we easily soar above the challenges of life with out spread wings rising above the difficult circumstances that must unfold to fulfill scripture written thousands of years ago.

Don’t forget Isaiah promised that even while we run we won’t become weary. 2024 is a year filled with boundless energy and endurance for believers.

It’s amazing how strong your mind and body becomes when we wait patiently on the Lord. This sort of stamina is like an indestructible GPS guiding us through the storms whether economic, political or personal without losing strength.

You are also experiencing a daily walk with God not just running and He will continue to strengthen your mind and body to keep you going. Did you notice you don’t stumble while you are on this difficult path.

My recommendation as you start 2024 is to memorize Isaiah 40:31 and wait patiently.

So do not be full of trepidation as Communist local, state and federal governments in our republic try to dismantle our God given rights. Stay calm as Satan tries his best to crush the world. (His time is short) God is in control.

It’s just a matter of time when the evil forces will no longer be able to continue their oppression and tyrannical actions against Americans and others who are believers. You will soar, run and walk with a intestinal resilience that only comes from God.

Here is your renewed strength for 2024.

God Bless You and your families and Happy New Year.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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