The Netherlands: What They Teach in Islamic Schools

To be clear, any Islamic school teaches Islamic scripture. Islamic scripture is in essence, jingoism against the unbeliever. Motivating pep talks to kill, conquer and impose sharia law. So these kinds of videos are problematic only in that it allows people to think they are “extremist” or in some way an outlier. This is Islam in the Netherlands, and everywhere.

Netherlands: Islamic Schools Ban Muslim Children From Befriending Jews and Christians, Teach Non-Believers Should Be Killed (Video)

The impact of these violent and dangerous Islamic teachings is not confined to the walls of these schools. It spills over into society, contributing to a troubling rise in Islamic-driven antisemitic and anti-Christian incidents and threats against public figures critical of Islam.

In a concerning report from 2019, primarily overlooked by Western media, investigations by Nieuwsuur and NRC Handelsblad have brought to light a disturbing trend in Islamic “schools” across the Netherlands. This report unveils a scenario where young Muslim minds are being steeped in Islamic doctrines of violence, hate, and intolerance, deceptively presented to Westerners under the guise of “peaceful” religious education.

A World Apart: The Rise of Salafism in Dutch Education

In a parallel educational universe, thousands of Muslim children in the Netherlands attend Islamic lessons outside the regular educational system. These institutions, deeply influenced by Salafism—a fundamentalist Islamic movement—are propagating Islamic teachings utterly incompatible with Western values and principles. Salafists — who follow what they say was the original Islam practiced in the 7th and 8th centuries — openly state that they want to replace democracy in the West (and the rest of the world) with an Islamic government based on Sharia law. Nieuwsuur and NRC’s investigation found that at least 50 schools exhibit strong Salafist Islamic influences, shaping the outlook and beliefs of the young Muslim students enrolled.

The Dangerous Curriculum: From Isolation to Extremism

The curriculum in these Salafist schools is deeply concerning. Muslim students are taught to distance themselves from non-Muslims, receiving explicit instructions against befriending Jews or Christians. This divisive approach is not just theoretical; it’s ingrained in the educational material. For instance, in a religious textbook for 15-year-olds, students encounter a question about the response to someone who denies one of the Islamic pillars. The prescribed answer is execution for being a non-believer.

These teachings extend beyond social isolation. Students are indoctrinated with strict guidelines on interacting with non-Muslims, emphasizing an ideology of separation and superiority. They are instructed against basic acts like feeding non-Muslims or extending greetings during Christian festivals. Acknowledging these holidays is depicted as a more severe sin than congratulating someone who drinks alcohol.

The explicitness and depth of these Islamic teachings are alarming, focusing on instilling avoidance of any form of friendship or interaction with non-Muslims. This extensive emphasis on divisiveness highlights the insidious nature of Islamic teachings.

Furthermore, the worldview instilled in these Muslim students contrasts sharply with Western society’s principles of tolerance, equality, and freedom. Stemming from Islamic doctrine, these teachings promote a sense of Islamic supremacy and intolerance. Children are also taught to distinguish themselves from non-Muslims in aspects like clothing, further avoiding any interaction with Western culture or its people.

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