Watch President Donald J. Trump’s ‘Dream On’ Video

America is the best last hope on earth, and diabolical political forces are determined to collapse this last best hope.

It was President Trump who came into office, in my firm belief, place by God much like Cyrus came out of no where to save the Jews; Trump virtually came out of no where to save America. Cyrus was not a Jew, not even religious, but a strong successful leader who knew how to create prosperity, bring order and strength to a nation about to go over the cliff.

Donald Trump was similarly chosen though Trump did have a heart for the Lord. Sometimes annoying with his tweets, not politically correct with his answers, clearly not predictable, except to always place America first and restore the dignity our nation once enjoyed across the globe, President Trump was focused on making America Great Again in a myriad of ways.

You are about to watch a Special Edition Video I have been allowed to premiere and distribute. The producer of the video is Mr. Cameron Moore. He has produced several videos President Trump simply loves, as the one you are about to view. President Trump has become truly acquainted with Cameron, and enjoys seeing him at the restaurant in Mara Largo. I am humbled to have been allowed to distribute this Special Edition video – The Best is yet to Come!

May you enjoy the next several minutes, and then distribute this far and wide.

Thank you!

WATCH: Arizona Today — Special Edition — President Trump’s “Dream On” Video

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