MUST WATCH VIDEO: Hey Muslims! Want to the the war in Gaza?

This video by Tom Trento, Director of The United West, has a lot going on.

Check it out:

  1. Trento asks Muslims if they really want to end the war in Gaza
  2.  Then he explains that all the Muslims have to do is get the two main leaders of the HAMAS, Yayeha Sinwar and Ishmail Haniyeh to SURRENDER and release all the hostages.
  4. Obviously, this is a trick question, because only the simple-minded, or Harvard students (but I’m redundant) truly believe that the HAMAS wants the war to end.
  5. For the HAMAS, war is a booming business, actually losing the war, has business exploding for them.
  6. The more dead babies the HAMAS’ Gaza bureau of CNN shows on TV, the more money rolls in and world condemnation for Israel increases.
  7. So, since the raison d’Etre of HAMAS is the complete obliteration of Jews and Israel, the sacrifice of the Gazan kids is a small price to pay to keep HAMAS leaders living in the lap of luxury and countries turning against Israel.
  8. The thinking viewer has to ask the question, “Who the hell is behind such an insane idea of sacrificing your own children so that crazy, inbred Muslims can carry guns to kills Jews so that the Muslim goes to Heaven?”
  9. Good question…watch this video and you will get the answer.

WATCH: Hey Muslims! Want to the the war in Gaza!

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EDITORS NOTE: This The United West column and video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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