VIDEO: Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson Speaks ‘Truth to Power’

We are in a period of time when most elected officials don’t even pretend to be public servants anymore, and this is especially true at the national level with few exceptions. The idea of an “I – thou” relationship has evolved. America’s liberal political establishment, along with the RINO political fraternity, has become something our Forefathers would be up in arms about if they were here. The RINO’S and Establishment politicians are useful idiots working to morph America into a Marxist society completely erasing our Republic, and the principles in our founding documents which made America…America! The goal is to collapse the United States into a satellite country submissive to China as the leading nation of the New-World Order.

Many of our fellow citizens cannot bring themselves to believe such, and you can tell those who remain “comfortably numb” and oblivious. The evidence of such a diabolical plan is all around, but many around you simply cannot, or will not, grasp just how badly America already has been subverted, and why the forces of darkness detest the thought of Donald J. Trump moving back into the White House.

What evidence?

  • Elections at the national level are compromised but so are many at state levels;
  • We no longer have secure and defined borders helping to protect our national sovereignty;
  • The public schools system is a breeding ground turning out non-critical thinking, seriously inadequate to work robots espousing nonsensical speech but thought believing Marxism;
  • Woke and sexually confused military officers who know how to get along but could not defend themselves versus our nation;
  • Repetitive examples and evidence of China’s interference and even sabotage of the U.S. power grid with no consequences;
  • The U.S. Justice Department along with other Executive Branch Departments militarized against U.S. citizens, but no longer confronting, exposing or stopping Chinese or related Marxist adherents.

The 4 minute video below shows Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament, giving a straight forward speech as to the plan well under way to bring America into the global community where national sovereignty no longer exists, no longer recognized or respected, no longer tolerated.

To think the Biden regime is merely incompetent is to remain “comfortably numb.”

Marxists scattered throughout America are marching in lock step to collapse this great experiment called the United States of America, and RINOS are simply working to keep conservatives ineffective and divided. Parliament member Christine Anderson in a straight forward, no-nonsense, not-politically correct manner, speaks straight and without theatrics.

I pray your heart as well as your mind is open to listen, not merely hear her words.

Then I pray you are so stirred you begin to soberly question yourself and family as to what you are to do to prepare for the coming revolution.

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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