Massive Pro-Terrorist Rally in D.C. Was a Real Insurrection

Protestors have breached the reinforced gate and riot police confronted them – other protestors began scaling the fence White House staffers were evacuated when the pro-terrorist horde swarmed the White House.

If they were wearing red MAGA hats the Democrat regime would have opened fire on them.

You Could Say the Massive Pro-Terrorist Rally in DC Devolved Into an Insurrection

By: Matt Vespa | Townhall January 13, 2024 10:05 PM

Hordes of pro-terrorist supporters invaded Washington, DC, to voice support for a ceasefire in Gaza, which will only benefit the barbaric animals that call themselves Hamas. This terror group launched a heinous attack against Israel on October 7, murdering 1,200 Israeli men, women, and children. The genocidal assault sowed the seeds for Hamas’s destruction as Israeli forces invaded the Gaza Strip later that month.

The IDF has one goal: the destruction of this terrorist organization that’s dominated the Gaza Strip since 2007. Despite protests from Arab leaders of the Israeli operation, they’re reportedly encouraging Israel’s campaign against the terror group behind the scenes, even going so far as to say Israel shouldn’t stop until Hamas is destroyed. Everyone sees them as a domestic threat (via Washington Post):

There is no genocide, you idiots. And we don’t know the real death toll. Hamas runs the Gaza Health Ministry. The Left has taken a nasty liking to Hamas, which is fueled by virulent antisemitism. Based on the Left’s rules, the terrorist sympathizers fomented an armed rebellion outside the White House:

And this right here is why I couldn’t care less about the so-called pro-Palestinian side. They’re just terrorists:

White House staffers were “relocated” when the pro-terrorist horde swarmed the White House



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