WATCH: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force

On May 14th, 1948 the new state of Israel only had four airplanes. When the 1948 war of independence began these airplanes were smuggled from the Czech Republic into to Israel.

Ironically, these four planes were German Messerschmidt Bf109s. They were assembled overnight in Tel Aviv and were never flight tested.

This is a short video about their American pilots.

Watch it. You will not be disappointed. These are proud American veterans of WW II who joined the fight of Good against Evil — Israel vs. Islam.

Adolph (Al) William Schwimmer was instrumental in the founding of the Israeli Air Force and Israel’s aerospace industry.  Al worked for Lockheed during WWII, and during Israel’s war of independence, he and his network of contacts smuggled surplus planes to Israel.  Al was originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

P.S. Contrary to popular perception, by the people who do not know history, how the United States helped Israeli people during war of independence in reality was quite different. Americans, like the WWII veterans in the video, were not allowed to join the fight and an arms embargo had been established, enforced by the our FBI, against Israel. At the very same time the five Arab armies were very well supplied by the same countries who maintained an arms embargo against Israel and these Muslim armies of course had a great advantage in manpower and equipment over the new state of Israel. Against all odds the Israeli Army and Air Force of Israel won decisively!

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