VIDEOS: Jihad in Israel, Jihad on U.S. soil! What America MUST know!

The system is called Islam, terrorists are invading the streets of America, Israel is under attack by, again, Islam — and so to is America.

These interviews detail the enemy within and what America needs to know and understand. And, what America needs to do to stand for #Freedom and #Liberty in a crazy 2024.


Tom Trento on Wendy Bell Radio – Jihad in Israel, Jihad on U.S. soil! What America MUST know!

Clare Lopez identifies the enemy, what occurred with the Hamas rally in Washington, D.C., and how serious it became… yet, not one was arrested! YET… they were so destructive, then nearly tore down the reinforced fencing around the Whitehouse where Secret Service were dressed in riot gear to repel anyone who was successful! Again, NO ONE WAS ARRESTED!

JIHAD JAMBOREE Took Over D.C.! Clare M. Lopez Reports

Jeff Sanow — Christianity vs. Islam: Christ’s message — Love and Peace. Mohammed’s message — Kill Them…!

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