Netanyahu nixes Hamas’ terms of surrender: ‘If we agree to this, we won’t be able to guarantee security of our citizens’

Rendering Israel incapable of guaranteeing the security of its citizens was the idea all along.

Netanyahu: Israel rejects Hamas’s terms of surrender

by Akiva Van Koningsveld, JNS, January 21, 2024:

The State of Israel will retain full security control over the entire territory west of the Jordan River after it achieves its objectives of demilitarizing the Gaza Strip and returning the hostages held there, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed in a statement on Sunday night.

The war continues “on all fronts and in all sectors,” stated Netanyahu. “We grant no immunity to any terrorist—neither in Gaza, nor in Lebanon, Syria, or anywhere else. Anyone who attempts to harm us—we strike back.”

“Regarding our hostages, we have brought back 110 of them so far, and we are committed to bringing them all back. This is one of the war’s objectives, and military pressure is an essential condition for its completion,” he continued.

Netanyahu said he “outright rejects the Hamas monsters’ terms of surrender. In exchange for the release of our hostages, Hamas demands the end of the war, the withdrawal of our forces from Gaza, the release of all the Nukhba murderers and rapists, and leaving Hamas intact.”

“If we agree to this, our soldiers have fallen in vain. If we agree to this, we will not be able to guarantee the security of our citizens. We will not be able to return the evacuees safely to their homes, and the next Oct. 7 will only be a matter of time,” the premier charged.

Alluding to reports he had not ruled out a Palestinian state during a call with U.S. President Joe Biden on Saturday, Netanyahu said, “I conveyed these points to President Biden in our conversation over the weekend. I greatly appreciate the U.S.’s support for Israel, and I expressed this to the president. Nevertheless, I stand firm on our vital interests.”

Hamas is demanding a total end to the war in a deal to release the hostages remaining in Gaza, Yedioth Ahronoth reported over the weekend, citing senior Israeli officials. Additionally, the terror group is demanding Israel’s complete withdrawal of its forces from Gaza and international guarantees that it will be allowed to remain in power in the Strip.

According to the IDF, 136 hostages are still being held in Gaza out of 240 taken during the Hamas massacre on Oct. 7, although many are believed to be dead. Israeli forces on Saturday found a massive tunnel underneath Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, where around 20 hostages had been held….

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