University of Central Florida: Muslim Student Threatening to SHOOT Students Supporting Israel Arrested

Always violent.

Always sick with hatred.

And the left stands with these savages.

University of Central Florida Student ARRESTED after threatening to “SHOOT” STUDENTS SUPPORTING ISRAEL Students


During an SSI demonstration devoted to bring awareness to the Israeli hostages in Gaza on Jan. 23, a crucial incident transpired. Seif Asi, a 21-year-old Palestinian student targeted SSI students, igniting a threat to “come back and shoot” the students hosting this UCF-approved demonstration. SSI at UCF President, Alex Rosenblum, immediately reported the incident to the police and administration.

Upon being confronted by authorities, Asi told UCF Police that he was “tired of seeing Jewish supporters on campus” and complained about seeing a pro-Israel march the prior week. Asi was arrested and charged with three counts of intimidation and credible threat to persons wearing religious (Jewish) items.

Read the Police Report

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