EGYPT: New fantasy film depicts mufti’s grandson getting Germans to honor Hitler’s promise to rid Palestine of Jews

But remember to adhere to the narrative: It’s Israel, not the Muslims, who want to commit genocide.

Just keep repeating it.

Big Lies work through frequent repetition.

Hussein Aboubakr Mansour on X (@HusseinAboubak) wrote:

Apparently, there is a new Egyptian independent film, “A Century and Six Years,” that tells the fictitious story of a Sheik Hareth, the Egyptian grandson of Mufti Amin al-Husseini, traveling Germany to demand the Germans to honor Hitler’s promise to the Arabs, through his grandfather the Mufti, of liberating Palestine from the Jews. Apparently, in the film, Hareth succeeds in locating Hitler’s surviving family members and convinces them to renew the Arab German covenant. The Egyptian Film Industry Syndicate just celebrated that the film received an award from Oman and is looking forward to nominating it in an upcoming movie awards festival in Tunisia. You just can’t, no matter how hard you try, make this stuff up. Entire societies stuck in Europe’s most pathological delusions.



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