Who’s Behind Stop Zionist Hate

Less than a month after the Oct. 7 massacre of 1,200 Jews by Hamas, a new, LEFT-RIGHT antisemitic network burst on the scene under the name StopZionistHate.

More groups appeared. RavenMission.org and the TruWire social media accounts were set up to promote the same hate. The groups served as an echo chamber for each other, amplifying voices like white nationalist Nick Fuentes and neo-Nazi Lucas Gage, and doxing Jews.

The accounts spread false information about Israel and its war on Hamas. Many posts target individuals publicizing facts about the war.

Canary Mission can now reveal that Abdullah Hassan, an anti-Israel activist, is behind all three organizations. Hassan was identified by Canary Mission through voice-matching a series of audio recordings. Hassan was an anonymous speaker from StopZionistHate in a Twitter Spaces chat hosted by UK-based Hamas supporter, Sulaiman Ahmed, co-hosted by Neo-Nazi Lucas Gage and far-right conspiracy theory account Khalissee.

His voice was matched by Canary Mission from videos found on his now deleted Rumble account.

In addition, an independent sleuth found a meta tag with Hassan’s name on it that connected him to StopZionistHate.

Despite the heavy evidence, Raven Mission is still attempting to deny that Abdullah Hassan is the man behind the three organizations.

Raven Mission

Tru Wire



A look at Hassan’s social media accounts reveals his extreme hatred of Jews. Hassan engages in antisemitism ranging from denial of the atrocities Hamas committed on Oct. 7 to denial of the Holocaust itself.

On January 22, 2024, Stop Zionist Hate tweeted: “Elon Musk and Ben Shapiro are in Auschwitz, a town that allegedly witnessed genocide in the 20th century.

Holocaust Denial


Hassan also supports Neo-Nazi Lucas Gage and is supported by Gage as well. The following is a screenshot of their exchange on Twitter the day after Hassan started the Stop Zionist Hate account. (Gage was one of Hassan’s first followers.) Gage was the co-host of the Twitter Space chat that Hassan participated in through the Stop Zionist Hate account.

Lucas Gage

Abdullah Hassan


Hassan also works to amplify the voices of Far-Left antisemites.

Abdullah Hassan
Abdullah Hassan

Stop Zionist Hate


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