FLORIDA FOR TRUMP … “This race is over”

Joe Fieldus from the Republican Executive Committee of Volusia County, Florida in an email reports,

WESLEY CHAPEL, Florida — Donald Trump continued his steady march toward the GOP nomination on Saturday after the Florida Republican Party endorsed him for president.

“For the state party to take the action that it did is a commanding statement,” said state Sen. Joe Gruters, newly elected national committee member for the Republican National Committee. “This race is over. The party’s 100 percent behind the former president. And there’s zero doubt now.” . MORE

The motion for the state committee to support Trump came from Rep. Dean Black, who chairs the Duval County GOP and said the vote was met with “clapping, cheering, standing ovation.”

“We recognized what the American people are saying all across the country, and that is that this primary is now pointless,” Black said. “It’s clear that the people want Donald Trump as their nominee for President of the United States.”

Trump won Florida by three points over Biden in 2020, and polling shows him ahead for 2024. Republicans out-register Democrats by more than 800,000 voters in Florida and are committed to sign up even more in the coming months.

Florida is now Trump Country!

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