Biden’s FBI and Communist Nicaragua’s Security Forces Oppress Religious Freedoms

Biden’s FBI under the investigative umbrella term domestic terrorism, listed so-called certain “radical-traditionalist Catholics” (RTCs) as violent extremists and proposed an avenue for the FBI to infiltrate Catholic churches as a form of “threat mitigation.”

The same problem is prevalent in Communist Nicaragua where the situation for the Catholic clergy and its faithful followers in Communist Nicaragua is growing with maximum oppression in 2024, according to exiled priests and formerly imprisoned priests in the Central American country.

Communist dictator President Daniel Ortega is spying on Catholic Churches and evangelists and installed dictator Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI is acting much like the Communist government of Nicaragua is silencing criticism of the government by Catholics and Christians.

“Life in Nicaragua is hell, because surveillance is brutal. You can’t say anything that’s against the government,” said an exiled Nicaraguan Catholic priest.

The same oppression was being initiated by the FBI in the United States when parents where subjugated to FBI surveillance for protesting at School Board meetings.

Catholics and other religious groups were also prosecuted for holding religious ceremonies and singing during the unconstitutional COVID restrictions and during the Obama Marxist reign of terror Catholic nuns were forced to provide abortions and dispense abortion pills at Catholic charity hospitals.

The nuns sued Obama in Federal Court and won protecting the lives of the pre born children and the nuns -1st Amendment religious rights.

Much like the Atheist Communist democrats in our congress who want the citizens of the United States to bow to them and not God.

Nicaragua’s Communist congress, controlled by Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front, has closed over 3,000 privately run charities including Mother Teresa’s creating a major gap in social services which is trying to force Nicaraguans to depend on the communist dictatorship, not on independent church groups.

Much like the fraud Catholics in the US government like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi the communists in the U.S. government and the communists in the Nicaraguan government both want to completely eliminate the Catholic faith, and all religious groups because they haven’t succeeded in making the church kneel before them.

But like all communist dictatorships they will fail.

Copyright 2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


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