Hamas is Directly Trying to Influence Biden

“He wants to keep the fighting going on until the U.S. elections in November for Trump to win.”

While plenty of Hamas supporters are besieging the administration and the Democratic Party, Hamas is more directly trying to manipulate Biden.

Via Al Jazeera. (Not linked for the same reason I don’t directly link Al Qaeda or other Islamic terrorist groups.)

Mohammed Nazzal, a senior Hamas figure, told Al Jazeera that Netanyahu “wants the war to continue to stay in power, and doesn’t want to lose his right-wing coalition.”

“He wants to keep the fighting going on until the US elections in November for Trump to win,” Nazzal said.

Al Jazeera is Qatar’s terrorist propaganda network. The quote is carefully chosen, but who is it aimed at?

Biden, at the very least, and certainly the Democratic Party.

Hamas is trying to play on its fears, to pursue the ‘Netanyahuization’ of Israel that Obama began, and to convince them that Israel isn’t fighting because of Oct 7, but because it’s all a conspiracy to help Trump win.

It’s insane and yet you can expect some to believe it.



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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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