FIVE Critical Evidences of Total Destruction of Democracy in North America

1. Tucker Carlson on a new suit against the U.S. military leadership by 200+ members of the military for grotesque malfeasance over the vaxx mandates.

Our Troops Are Holding Big Government Accountable for Their Crimes

Full video available here for TC subscribers. Chances are in a week or so, someone will make it all available on YT or Rumble. The actual document can be downloaded here as a PDF

2. The last Canadian election was called early and for unusual but unstated reasons, although we all knew them and this site posted them frequently.

But now its official. Trudeau sued the speaker of the house of commons, something that has NEVER been done before, because he demanded documents about the Chinese spy who was escorted out of a Winnipeg level 4 bio-research lab by the RCMP. Trudeau actually called an election just to get rid of the speaker in order not to provide those documents. A sign of guilty knowledge I cannot think of better. As well as suing him of course. But now it’s official.

Well, “confidential information” also includes samples of Ebola if memory serves.

OK so we all knew this back at the time. This site posted videos of Parliament debating late into the night this issue. It was out in the open, in that sleazy sort of late night way. They say the wheels of justice turn slowly. Ok when they work as they are supposed to, yeah and thats a good thing. But when a counter-revolutionary like Donald Trump is in the crosshairs then the wheels turn at supersonic speeds, and when its a revolutionary leader, one can’t help but think they turn at the exact speed of how useful he remains to the revolution itself. As Churchill once said, “Appeasement is feeding the crocodile hoping he eats you last”. In this variation it is that working for the communist revolution pays dividends till the moment it has no use for you. So at least the rest of us can take comfort knowing that at some point, that is an inevitability for all of them.

UPDATE: Ottawa Sun: 

Fired microbiology lab scientist’s loyalty of ‘grave concern,’ new records show.

OTTAWA — Two scientists at a high-security laboratory lost their jobs after reviews found they failed to protect sensitive assets and information, newly released records showed.3. US VP admits the Biden admin is setting up the army of illegals to vote in November.

The scientists, Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng, were stripped of their security clearances over questions about their loyalty to Canada and the potential for coercion or exploitation by a foreign entity, the documents said.

(All Chinese nationals or expats who have any family or friends in China are required by Chinese law to spy for the PRC whenever and however they are asked. This is a fact. The cost of not doing so for the moment is levied on their relatives in China. But one can easily extrapolate given the number of “Chinese police stations” discovered in Canada that the price may be exacted to those people who refuse the mission themselves here in Canada.)

Just in case anyone cynically denies that happens…

4. Canada goes full Orwell/Minority Report

Justice Minister defends house arrest power for people feared to commit a hate crime in future

Justice Minister Arif Virani has defended a new power in the online harms bill to impose house arrest on someone who is feared to commit a hate crime in the future – even if they have not yet done so already.

The person could be made to wear an electronic tag, if the attorney-general requests it, or ordered by a judge to remain at home, the bill says.

Mr. Virani, who is Attorney-General as well as Justice Minister, said it is important that any peace bond be “calibrated carefully,” saying it would have to meet a high threshold to apply.

But he said the new power, which would require the attorney-general’s approval as well as a judge’s, could prove “very, very important” to restrain the behaviour of someone with a track record of hateful behaviour who may be targeting certain people or groups.

(Someone needs to scour Parliament with a search team and look for a Ouija Board and maybe one of Stalin’s personal belongings.)

5. This is being posted by contrast. This looks like a, ‘look over there’ item if ever we’ve seen one.

Former Ontario nuclear plant operator employee charged in secretive leak case

A former employee of the Crown corporation that operates Ontario nuclear plants has been charged with leaking “safeguarded information” that could harm Canada. […]

It said in a statement Tuesday public safety had not been compromised. […]

A source familiar with the investigation told Global News a former employee was accused of making online posts about security vulnerabilities.

So an employee, probably frustrated with incompetence and lax methods at a nuclear power plant, probably complained about it on his social media, available to anyone. He didn’t work with Chinese spies, or ferry deadly materials to an enemy of the West. He just likely complained about security problems at the plant on Facebook or something similar. And this is Global News doing the story. Which means its tactical and not informative. And this story appears to be out at the same time its official the PM is a Chinese stooge. OK then.

There is a video at the Global infowarfare site linked above.

Thank you all for checking out this site.

A bonus item for the UK. Same issue in NA though. Read Fisman’s Fraud by Watteel.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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