‘When You Get In The Arena, You Get Arrows’: Sen. Katie Britt Responds To Backlash From SOTU Response

Republican Alabama Sen. Katie Britt responded Friday on Fox News to the “arrows” thrown at her after delivering the GOP’s response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

Britt appeared on “Hannity” to discuss her rebuttal Thursday evening to Biden’s SOTU, in which she called out Biden’s policies that have impacted the country’s economy, border and foreign affairs. However, following Britt’s speech, the Alabama senator received massive backlash from both Democrats and Republicans over her delivery, as some stated that it missed the mark among GOP voters.

“I hope you don’t read social media cause whenever you do anything big, like you did last night, it can be brutal. Welcome to my daily world. My advice is never read it,” Hannity stated.

Britt responded to the Fox host by stating that the backlash is “worth it” because she is “fighting” for the American people. The Alabama senator continued to note how “hard-working families” need to be fought for in D.C. and called out Biden for appearing “detached” from voters.

“You know, Sean, last night I called people to get into the arena and when you get in the arena, you get arrows. They get thrown at you, but it’s worth it when you’re fighting for the American people. When you’re fighting to make sure that hard-working families, just like you said in your last segment, that they are seen, that they have a voice for the things they’re concerned about — that they’re worried about — that we’re actually talking about them. Things that we talk about around our kitchen table Joe Biden seems to be detached from reality and somebody needs to bring him back and quick,” Britt responded. 

CNN panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin reacted to Britt’s speech Thursday evening, stating that it “fell flat” with women because the senator was placed in the kitchen. Likewise, Outkick columnist Mary Katharine Ham told Fox News anchors Friday that Britt’s response could have been “more effective” if she had taken down the “delivery about two notches.”

On social media many people responded to Britt’s speech in the same manner, calling out the senator’s missed opportunity with voters. Internet personality Collin Rugg slammed the speech as a “massive disaster” and questioned why the GOP didn’t decide to reach out to other “talent.”

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk stated in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the speech was not what was needed and ripped her for talking like she is “hosting a cooking show.” Conservative commentator Ann Coulter additionally weighed in on Britt’s rebuttal, writing that the senator drenched “her speech in estrogen.”



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