Self-Hating Jew Chuck Schumer Blames Netanyahu, Turns Gun on the Jewish People

“Israelis are notoriously outspoken and have a vibrant democracy. In the middle of a war the very last thing they need is for a Democratic Party politician to elevate his own party’s electoral needs over Israeli national security and over Israeli democracy. This speech, coming after the Vice President’s, appears to signal a continuing campaign against Netanyahu. It’s a shameful and unprecedented way to treat an ally, and an unconscionable interference in the internal politics of another democracy.” — Elliot Abrams on Chuck Schumer speech.

Another self-loathing Jews stabbing our people in the back.

Early in his political career, Schumer pretended to be religious in order to get elected. He’s the lowest of the low.

Just to be clear: the Jewish people support Netanyahu so Schumer is attacking the Jewish people.

Self-hating Jews have long been a pox on the Jewish people.

Senate Majority Leader gives major address from the Senate floor on ‘a pathway to peace and achieving a two-state solution,’ attacks Israeli government and calls for new elections.

By: Israel National News, Mar 14, 2024:

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave a speech on “a pathway to peace and achieving a two-state solution” today (Thursday).

In his remarks, Schumer called for the holding of new elections in Israel, saying that “Netanyahu has lost his way.” He further called the Israeli Prime Minister an “obstacle to peace.”

According to Schumer, Netanyahu is one of four obstacles to peace, the others being Hamas, “radical Israelis,” and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Schumer’s criticism of Netanyahu centered on the prime minister’s “outright” rejection of the idea of the creation of a Palestinian state in the aftermath of October 7.

“The Netanyahu coalition no longer fits the needs of Israel,” he said. “The Israeli people are being stifled right now by a governing vision that is stuck in the past.”

“This is a grave mistake for Israel, for Palestinians, for the region, and for the world,” he claimed. “The only real and sustainable solution to this decades-old conflict is a negotiated two-state solution.”

According to Schumer, Netanyahu has “dangerous and inflammatory policies that test existing U.S. standards for assistance.”

“If Prime Minister Netanyahu’s current coalition remains in power after the war begins to wind down, and continues to pursue dangerous and inflammatory policies that test existing US standards for assistance, then the United States will have no choice but to play a more active role in shaping Israeli policy by using our leverage to change the present course,” he said.

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Jews like Schumer, traitors, have plagued my people since time immemorial.. The same traitors who built and worshiped a golden calf when Moses went up the mountain to receive the tablets (Jewish law), the same Jews (of the ‘Twelve Spies) who were dispatched by Moses to scout out the Land of Canaan (Israel) for 40 days as a future home for the Jewish people, during the time when the Israelites were in the wilderness following their Exodus from Ancient Egypt. .Ten of the twelve spies (the same ratio of Democrat Jew to Republican Jew) they slandered the land of milk and honey.  As a result, the entire nation was made to wander in the desert for 40 years.

Too many Jews have stood by and said nothing.



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