Kamala Harris’s Hypocrisy On ‘Women Having Miscarriages In Toilets’

It almost seems ridiculous to point out that a politician did something hypocritical, but Kamala Harris inverted reality in an especially egregious way during her first (and hopefully last) vice presidential visit to an abortion facility last week. As part of her ongoing campaign against life, she claimed, “I have heard stories of — and have met with women who had miscarriages in — in toilets.” Like most of Harris’s speeches, she had said it all before. The vice president shared a video clip of herself repeating the same story on “The View” in January. Harris said she could not believe states still resist abortion “in this year of our Lord 2024,” before saying, “Women are having miscarriages in toilets.”

Harris presumably said this because she believes having a miscarriage in a toilet is a grave injustice to mother and child. Yet Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden are actively promoting the outcome they claim to be fighting. The Biden-Harris administration has boasted in its proposed 2025 budget it has done all it can to “protect access to abortion, including medication abortion,” and it has taken numerous steps to shut down efforts to halt the distribution of abortion pills.

But having a miscarriage in a toilet is precisely how chemical abortion works. Don’t take my word for it; listen to the abortionists themselves. In a website titled “How does the abortion pill work?” Planned Parenthood notes, “The abortion pill process has several steps and usually includes 2 different medicines: mifepristone and misoprostol. You can also have an abortion using only misoprostol.” The abortion cocktail “causes cramping and bleeding that empties your uterus. The pregnancy tissue will come out through your vagina. The process is very similar to an early miscarriage. … For most people, medication abortion feels like having an early miscarriage.” Planned Parenthood has a list of items for mid-abortion women to “make you more comfortable.”

“Sit on the toilet,” Planned Parenthood’s abortion pill website tells women.

It’s not even merely the United States; the British abortion business BPAS instructs abortion-minded mothers that their aborted child’s remains “can be flushed down the lavatory or wrapped in tissue, placed in a small plastic bag and put in the dustbin [trash can].”

This is not a new phenomenon that Harris, or any reasonably informed person, might not have heard. It dates all the way back to the very first “M&M trials” of the abortion pills in Des Moines in 1994. “I aborted at 6:30 on Friday night. I heard it fall into the toilet. It looked like a blood clot. I cried when I knew it had passed,” recalled “Patient 001.” It permeates the medical advice abortionists give mothers along with the mifepristone and misoprostol that induce the miscarriage-like abortion.

Leslie Wolbert took Planned Parenthood’s advice. Leslie had a chemical abortion using RU-486 at age 21. “I thought I was dying,” because of the pain caused by her cramps, she said. “I was crying hysterically and begging to die because the pain was more than I could handle. I was sweating like crazy and on the toilet while throwing up too.” In the shower, “I bled so much that it clogged the drain.” When she looked down, she saw “the ‘blood clot’ or the ‘blob of tissue’ that the clinic talked about. It was my baby that was clogging the drain of the shower. I had to turn off the water, get out, and clean it up myself and then I flushed it down the toilet.”

“It was even more horrifying than it sounds,” Leslie swore in an affidavit for a 2013 Supreme Court case.

Wolbert’s story is cited in the Supreme Court case to reverse FDA approval of the abortion pill — a lawsuit the Biden-Harris administration has fought tooth-and-nail.

Unfortunately, Leslie’s story is the norm, rather than the exception. “I looked down, and I screamed,” said one mother. “It was not just a blob of tissue. I gave birth to what looked like a fully formed, intact, 14-week-old fetus covered in blood. I scooped my baby out of the toilet. I sat on the floor, and held him, and cried.”

Part of the problem of self-managed abortions comes from discovering the reality of human life, alone, when it’s too late. Mary Szoch, director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council, has written in The Washington Stand, “It’s hard to put into context the damage caused to a mother who expected to see a clump of cells and instead sees her visibly recognizable unborn child delivered dead into the toilet.” Her words were echoed by “Courtney,” who recounted the grief she experienced precisely over her deceased child’s final resting place. “My cramps were very intense and painful,” she said. “My baby was disposed of in a toilet. A toilet.”

Sometimes the baby doesn’t just look fully-formed. One grieving mother sued Planned Parenthood claiming that during a brief telehealth session, the abortionist miscalculated her full-term pregnancy at six weeks and gave her a prescription for the abortion pill. As a result, in May 2020, the woman gave birth to her dead-but-fully-formed, 30-36 week-old baby on the toilet. “At approximately 3:00 am, while sitting on the toilet, Plaintiff gave birth to a fully formed, stillborn baby boy named J.T.,” says the 2021 lawsuit. “Plaintiff was shocked and traumatized when she saw the lifeless, fully-formed baby in the toilet covered in mucous, blood, and the placenta.”

The abortion industry regularly tells its patients to dispose of their babies in the toilet, and not just during chemical abortions. Dr. Kathi Aultman, a retired OB-GYN and former medical director for Planned Parenthood of Jacksonville, described how a woman once came to her experiencing “prolonged bleeding from a late-term abortion.” The woman’s story shocked Dr. Aultman to the core. The injured mother “described being given medication and then being left in a cold room overnight with no blanket or call button. The next day, she was given more medication, and eventually told to sit on the toilet and push. She delivered a living 20-week-old baby boy into the toilet, where he drowned.”

“The experience traumatized her,” wrote Dr. Aultman.

A counselor at the Dr. Emily Woman’s Health Center in The Bronx told one woman experiencing a late-term abortion what to do if she passes a third-trimester baby in her hotel room. “If it comes out, then it comes out. Flush it,” she said.

The (now deceased) abortionist Carman Landau gave the same advice to a 27-week pregnant woman at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If the child passes, she should “sit on the toilet” and “not move until we come and get you.”

The abortion industry will inevitably claim these “sting” videos were “heavily edited” and imply they are untrustworthy (although Live Action has shared its full, unedited footage of various investigations). Those disinclined to believe Live Action can’t explain away Planned Parenthood and BPAS, nor even numerous left-leaning news outlets.

In a 2022 story published on the feminist website The 19th, republished by PBS (at your expense), a woman named Emma Texas took misoprostol. When it kicked in, Emma “could hardly walk from the pain,” so her boyfriend had to “physically steer her to the toilet.” Since the baby survived that abortion attempt — so much for Planned Parenthood’s medical advice — she took both abortion pills and aborted her baby. “That medication abortion was the most painful experience I’ve ever had in my life,” Emma remembered. “I literally said to my boyfriend — who, that time, knew better and just stayed with me the entire time — I said, ‘I just want to die.’”

The cries, the anguish, the heartbreak of these women are being muffled, multiplied, and ignored each time Kamala Harris and other elected officials promote the use of abortion pills. Women’s suffering is ignored, drowned out by the campaign cash that politicians rake in each election cycle from the abortion industry. These stories should be repeated over and over again, until the manufacturers of the abortion pill note one of its prime side effects is intense grief.

Kamala Harris should spend more time listening to these women and less time hypocritically supporting the industry that victimized them.


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.

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