The War Against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

A small group of American Jews who bill themselves as having “varying perspectives,” have signed a statement opposing AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The group has vowed to oppose any candidate endorsed by AIPAC in the upcoming elections.

Ironically, these Jews claim that AIPAC doesn’t speak for the Jewish people. In truth, the views of the vast majority of American Jews are aligned with those of AIPAC, while the signatories to this statement mainly represent a fringe group of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist voices in the American Jewish world.

Nowhere in the statement is there a condemnation of Hamas. Rather, in Orwellian duplicitous language, this group claims they are advocates “for peace and a new, just US policy toward Israel/Palestine.”

They fail to elaborate on how peace would come about when negotiating with a genocidal terrorist organization whose stated mission is not only to kill every Jew in Israel but also every Jew on the planet.


This statement appears to be a strategic move by a network of Jewish anti-Israel activists, many of whom have a long history of anti-Israel activism within the media and academia.

Their aim is to drive a wedge not only between the longstanding alliance of Israel and the United States, but also between American Jews and Israel, the majority of whom support Israel, its right to self-defense and the mutually beneficial relationship between America and Israel.

It is not surprising that many of the signatories of the anti-AIPAC statement have profiles on Canary Mission for their extremist views which often involve promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories and spreading outright lies about Israel.

Signatories on Canary Mission who signed the anti-AIPAC statement include:

Simone Zimmerman

Simone Zimmerman was suspended from her position as the Jewish outreach coordinator for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, in 2016. Zimmerman co-founded the anti-Israel group IfNotNow.

Sarah Schulman

Sarah Schulman spread anti-Semitism, expressed support for terrorists and spread hatred of Israel. She was also on the advisory board for Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) since 2010.

Rebecca Vilkomerson

Rebecca Vilkomerson, in her capacity as executive director of the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) organization, has been arrested for trespassing at the offices of the Friends of Israel Defense.

Naomi Dann

Naomi Dann has demonized Israel, endorsed violent protests, spread incitement and was arrested at an anti-Israel protest. Dann is a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Brant Rosen

In 2010, Brant Rosen founded and became co-chair of the Rabbinical Council of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). He is involved with the group’s chapter at the University of Chicago (JVP UChicago).

Alissa Wise

Alissa Shira Wise has expressed support for terrorists, spread incitement, harassed a Philadelphia-based philanthropist and demonized a Jewish organization. Wise has also whitewashed anti-Semitism, endorsed anti-Israel agitators, demonized Israel and engaged in anti-Israel activism.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Canary Mission column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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