Mob Takes Over NYC Park, Creates an ‘Autonomous Zone for Palestine’ Banning Cops, Jews, ‘No Pigs’ & ‘No Zionists’

A new “autonomous zone for palestine” has been set up by left wing activists in New York City.

This time on behalf of the Palestinian-Hamas movement in Zucotti Park.

The zone, which commandeers public property, boasts signs like “this is the people’s park,” “no more cops,” “no pigs allowed” and much more (Townhall).


  • Liberation of Palestine
  • NYPD funds redistribution to community
  • No cops on MTA
  • Mayor to resign
  • Empty buildings to be used for migrants

This is public property. Bulldoze the bastards. This is against the law. Why allow this? It will only grow.

Visgrad 24: An “Autonomous Zone for Palestine” was set up today in Zucotti Park (Manhattan). Demands: Liberation of Palestine, NYPD funds redistribution to community, No cops on MTA, Mayor to resign, and Empty buildings to be used for migrants (X).



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