Intersectionality, Trans-activists and Communist Action

The slippery slope towards total loss of parental rights through pedophile activism and Trans-mammals.

1. This is not a coincidence.

Remember this?

MC at the Trans-pride event explains the three groups “that are the problem”

2. This is a very interesting video about how what may have been a more rational LGB community has become infiltrated by socialist/pedophile activists to drive the next level of systemic abuse of children.

It fails to address the leftist aspect of all of this, although does mention the founder of NAMBLA was “A known gay activist and socialist”. We see less than no distinction between these things as the gay and pedophile activism are likely sub-categories of his socialist activism and not merely concurrent.. But its also likely that more lascivious motives are also at play for its own purposes.

3. Gender Dysphoria appears to be basically a fashion which passes if you don’t start mutilating the people who think they have it.

4. Daily Mail: Most gender-confused children grow out of it, landmark 15-year study concludes – as critics say it shows being trans is usually just a phase for kids

The majority of gender-confused children grow out of that feeling by the time they are fully grown adults, according to a long-term study.

Researchers in the Netherlands tracked more than 2,700 children from age 11 to their mid-twenties, asking them every three years of feelings about their gender.

Results showed at the start of the research, around one-in-10 children (11 percent) expressed ‘gender non-contentedness‘ to varying degrees.

But by age 25, just one-in-25 (4 percent) said they ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ were discontent with their gender.

The researchers concluded: ‘The results of the current study might help adolescents to realize that it is normal to have some doubts about one’s identity and one’s gender identity during this age period and that this is also relatively common.’

A simple reduction of the whole scam:

Let’s say that a baby bird who’s wings had not yet developed was told that because he couldn’t fly, maybe he really was a biped born in the wrong body. He could walk a little and liked it, but if he left the nest, would die in a horrible collision with the sidewalk. The solution, was to take complex and dangerous chemicals which would prevent the wings from developing so that his outer body would better reflect how he was made to feel inside by being told all of this bullshit. Better, we could get a very expensive Surgeon, maybe from somewhere like, oh I dunno, maybe the Kennedy Anti-Flight Centre (KFC), to cut those wings right off. The state will pay for it! But not to reattach them should this hatchling maybe decide to try and have eggs of its own someday.

That is the scam. People’s sense of sexual identity doesn’t really take till hormones are released at puberty which cause secondary sexual characteristics, mentally and physically. These take years to get used to along with the drives that they initiate. Talking a kid into thinking something insane and then preventing the process that causes normal sexual development is a brutal and criminal con. And someday, those who do it, will be made to pay if and when courts ever go back to protecting the public and human rights instead of the desired political outcomes courts seem to be doing today.

5. J. K. Rowling not being charged under new Scottish ‘hate-crime’ laws.

However, the PM of Scotland who passed the laws really should be for his comments about “too many White people” Scotland.


With any understanding of what is written above, this last video needs no interpretation.

Thank you all for tuning in to this website.

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