VIDEO EXPOSÈ: Chicago Shelters for Illegal Aliens Grapple with Measles and TB Outbreaks

We wrote in our column America’s ship of state is underwater and sinking faster each and every day!,

America’s Ship of State is Sinking Fast

It took the RMS Titanic two days to sink and because of the ship’s faulty design 1,496 passengers died.

Today, the USS America under the Biden Regime’s faulty designs are bent on killing that many each and every month, be it via chemical or actual abortions, murders in our streets and the mayhem on our borders by criminal illegal aliens.

But it gets much much worse.

Our economy is in the tank. Our national debt is the highest in history, our culture and society are under constant attack by the Red/Green/Rainbow Alliance. BTW, there are two shades of Green in the Alliance, the green of the radical Islamists like Hamas, Hezb’allah, the Houthis, Iran et. al. and those Climate Nazis bent on the total control of our oil and CO2.

The great ship of state is using up its oil reserves at a rapid pace as the Climate Nazis demand we close down all coal, oil and natural gas use. The ship of state can’t run on electricity produced by solar panels. The ship of state will soon be crashing into offshore windmills.

The government of we the people, by the people and for the people is rapidly being replaced by criminal illegal aliens.

It is being replace by the USS Big Government. Today big government is the opiate of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., and his crew.

Today there are chants in places like Dearborn, Michigan of “death to America.” while Governor Whitman and Rep. Ilan Omar yawn.

Now we are learning that those criminal illegal aliens are bringing with them tuberculosis and measles!

One America News Network reports,

Migrant shelters in Chicago experience tuberculosis and measles outbreak. The Health Department has not specified the number of immigrants who tested positive for TB but is reporting 59 measles cases so far this year, about half of which are. To provide perspective, in 2023, 58 measles cases were reported nationwide. In the first two months of 2024, 41 cases were reported in 16 states, excluding those in Chicago. Vaccine requirements for American school children are waived for illegal immigrants. Some local lawmakers, like Alderman Raymond Lopez, accuse city officials of turning a blind eye to the problem. Double board-certified neurologist, Dr. Russell Surasky, joins Alicia Summers.

WATCH: Chicago Shelters for Illegal Immigrants Grapple with Measles and TB Outbreaks; Officials Under Fire

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