CALIFORNIA: Dozens of male HIV/AIDS patients sue male Newport Beach doctor in sexual abuse lawsuit

A reader MM sent us the following information and asked that we cover it.

This is a story that is important as it is now the federal governments policy to support, at all costs, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE), especially when it comes to the LGBTQ community.

It now appears that DIE has opened a Pandora’s box of, not only the abused of under-aged children, but also male on male sexual abuse.

This case, in particular, deserves attention as it involves a male California doctor who is sexually abusing his male HIV/AIDS patients.

This is important because in July of 2016 the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found more than 2,400 doctors had been accused of sexual abuse of their patients. Stories about doctors sexually abusing patients has become a sexual pandemic in its own right impacting children, females and males alike.

WATCH: Doctors Suspected of Sexually Abusing Patients

MM stated in an email,

I am still a frequent reader of your blog despite the fact I haven’t written in a while.  I hope you can warn your male readers about getting sexually assaulted and harassed by doctors of their same gender.  In California, a male doctor abused over 98 men.  The news hardly mentioned it and there have been no updates given.  Here’s the link to prove it:

Male on male sexual assault is almost never reported.  Men who are victimized are afraid to come forward.  The men who do come forward with complaints about being assaulted by other men, face wrongful accusations of being homophobic.  I hope you can write a post about the dangers of Hoag Hospital and the lack of press coverage for male sex victims.  Newport Beach is close to Camp Pendleton Military Base. I worry about our soldiers too.

Dozens of patients target former Newport Beach doctor in sexual abuse lawsuit


A once top rated Orange County doctor has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of male patients at his practice over the years.

Dr. William Thompson, once rated as one of the nation’s top infectious disease specialists treating HIV and AIDs patients, is now being sued by dozens of former patients who allege that he took advantage of them under the pretext that he was providing medical care.

“You’re talking hundreds of probable victims out there,” said Alexander Harrison, one of the attorneys representing the alleged victims. “We know that it was extremely unusual, the tests he was performing. The fact that he kept doing this invasive tests that were completely unnecessary.”

Many of the patients say that the assaults took place during routine visits, while others say that the instances happened in before and after some surgeries. Some even claim that the assaults occurred in the emergency room at the Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach.

“Aggressive prostate exams and absolutely too many,” said one of the plaintiffs, Michel Glockner, in a video provided by the attorney’s office.

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