‘Israel, Free Us From The Islamic regime’: Iranians Support The IDF

When news broke that Iran had directly attacked Israel, I wrote here that I believed the Iranian people will join Israel to throw off the murdering mullahcracy, something they have been fighting for and dying for years.

‘Israel, free us from the Islamic regime’ – Iranians support the IDF

By World Israel News Staff, April 15, 2-24:

Iranian citizens are praising the Israeli army and calling on the Jewish State to assassinate key ruling figures such as the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini, as Iran girds for a potential Israeli retaliation following an unprecedented missile and drone attack.

Residents of Iran are expressing those sentiments via social media posts and subversive street graffiti, with many asking Israel to bring down the government, which rules according to a strict interpretation of Islamic law.

“Israel, strike back. They don’t have the guts to take revenge,” read one message spray-painted on a Tehran street corner. An image of the writing quickly went viral on social media, along with another message that called on Israel to “eliminate the Supreme Leader.”

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