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Top Global Energy Agency Calls for Phasing Out of All Gas-Powered Cars, Coal-Fired Plants

Fossil fuel use is a double-edged sword. Climate alarmists fixate on one edge and completely disregard the other. A report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) proposed a radical policy agenda last month: Immediately end the approval of all new coal-fired power plants and oil and gas fields internationally. Swiftly phase out all gasoline-powered vehicles. Ban the sale […]

And the Number #1 Housing Metro in America Is …

For the first time in more than a decade, my wife and I are looking at moving. So it piqued my interest when I stumbled upon a Wall Street Journal article examining the hottest housing markets in the US. For those unaware, the Journal regularly publishes the Emerging Housing Markets Index, a collaborative project with Realtor.com that ranks housing markets in […]

Disney is Moving 2,000 Jobs From California to Florida—Here’s Why

One of the great things about America’s 50-state federal system is that people can vote with their feet in response to different policies. In that sense, California just lost yet another foot-vote referendum. “The Walt Disney Company is the latest business to plan to move some operations out of California in favor of a lower-taxed state,” Fox Business reports. […]

At Least 1.8 Million People Refused to Return to Work Because of Generous Welfare Benefits, Poll Shows

The real number is probably even larger. Here are FEE, we predicted from the beginning of the pandemic that Congress’s decision to create an unemployment benefits system paying most individuals more on welfare than they earned by working would backfire. We weren’t the only ones. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office similarly cautioned that this move would cause unemployment and […]

No, Fidel Castro Didn’t Improve Health Care or Education in Cuba

Cuba has made less educational and health care progress than most Latin American countries over the last 60 years, data show. On CBS’s 60 Minutes, Senator Bernie Sanders recently praised the achievements of communist Cuba. An interviewer asked him about his 1985 comments that Cubans supported communist dictator Fidel Castro because he “educated their kids, gave their kids health […]

The ATF’s Latest Proposed Regulation Could Make 40 Million Gun Owners Felons Overnight

This is a conspicuous confiscation of power, and it’s precisely what America’s founding fathers strove to avoid through the establishment of checks and balances. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has published a notice outlining their plans to update regulations on stabilizing braces. Originally developed to help those with disabilities shoot comfortably, stabilizing braces have […]

Target and Walgreens Are Making Drastic Changes Amid Skyrocketing Shoplifting in San Francisco

San Francisco ranks as the fifth-worst city in the US when it comes to retail theft. Now, the problem is getting so bad that businesses like Target and Walgreens are being forced to make drastic changes in response. “For more than a month, we’ve been experiencing a significant and alarming rise in theft and security incidents at […]

Ivy League Study Shows How U.S. Media Created a Climate of Fear Over COVID-19

A new NBER paper titled “Why Is All COVID-19 News Bad News?” shows how US media fanned the flames of public panic. n February 18, the Oxford Mail published an article headlined “Scientists working on a coronavirus vaccine in Oxford.” The article explained that Sarah Gilbert, a British vaccinologist and professor at the University of Oxford, was leading a […]

Here Are the 10 Best [And Worst] Cities Ranked By Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

When the COVID-19 outbreak began and governments started imposing economic lockdowns, most parts of the country experienced huge upticks in unemployment. But how have different cities fared in the year since? A new report from WalletHub offers some insight. The financial analytics firm looked at cities’ most recent unemployment rates, from May 2021, and compared them to […]

Who Was the Biggest Mass Murderer in History?

At least 45 million were starved, shot, tortured, and worked to death. Who was the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world? Most people probably assume that the answer is Adolf Hitler, architect of the Holocaust. Others might guess Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who may indeed have managed to kill even more innocent […]

Federal Government Imposes Up to $14,000 in ‘Hidden Taxes’ on Households Every Year, New Report Reveals

Most Americans pay close attention to how much of their money is taken in taxes each year. But there’s another, less obvious way the federal government imposes financial costs on citizens—and according to a new report, it amounts to trillions annually. The fiscally-conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) just released its annual “Ten Thousand Commandments” report, which […]

States Ending Ultra-Generous Welfare Are Doing Better in One Big Way, New Data Show

We’ve got a new contender in the competition for the least-surprising news development of all time. As it turns out, if you pay people more to stay on unemployment welfare than they can earn working, and then scale back the benefits, more people will go back to work. Shocking! Some have denied and pushed back […]

44 Things You Should Know about the Green New Deal

What should we make of this Green New Deal? On Feb. 7, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and US Sen. Ed Markey introduced legislation known as the Green New Deal. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s a big deal, to paraphrase Joe Biden. The History of New Deals Wikipedia, the internet’s fountain of knowledge, describes the legislation as […]

The Supreme Court Just Struck a Blow for Student Athletes Against the NCAA. Here’s One Reason to Cheer

More free-market principles could soon take root in college sports. Two-thirds of Americans now say they believe student athletes should be able to profit off their names and likeness. And 51 percent of those go even further, stating that they should be paid for their labor above the cost of free tuition and board. But schools have […]

New Data Offer Even More Proof Price Inflation is on the Rise

Proponents of big government spending have desperately argued that mounting price inflation is just temporary. But multiple alarming inflation metrics came out for April and May, and examples of rising prices are clear to see from big-box retail stores to the real estate market. Now, yet another metric has come in making the ongoing inflation even more difficult to deny. […]