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How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage—and a Black Market for ‘Unapproved’ European Imports

As Christina Szalinski reported in the New York Times, “baby formula is one of the most tightly regulated food products in the US.” U.S. Baby Formula Crisis. As many know, the US is confronting a shortage in baby formula that has grown quite serious. What started as complaints on Twitter of “out of stock” messages […]

NYT Explores What Happens When Democrats Have All the Power. The Answer May Surprise You

It turns out voters and lawmakers in progressive states arrive at decisions like everyone else: on self-interest. But that’s not all. Last week New York Times video journalist Johnny Harris asked a simple question. “What do Democrats actually do when they have all the power?” It turns out that 18 states in the US are effectively run […]

Are AR-15 Rifles a Public Safety Threat? Here’s What the Data Say

Is it true that the AR-15, a popular firearm owned by millions of Americans, is a unique threat to public safety? From Parkland, Florida, to San Bernardino, California, the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle and its variants have seemingly become the weapons of choice for mass shooters in the United States. Many people simply cannot believe that regular civilians […]

U.S. Faces Electricity Shortages Heading Into Summer, as Grid Operators Warn of Limits of Green Energy

Evidence shows America’s power grid is increasingly unreliable and struggling to keep up with energy demand. With more than 25 years of executive experience in the utility industry, people tend to listen when MISO CEO John Bear talks about energy. And the message he’s sending about electricity shortages as Americans head into summer is clear. “I am […]

A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say ‘Listen to the Science’

When people say “follow the science,” often what they’re really saying is “follow our plan.” On his first day as president, Joe Biden, flanked by a portrait of Ben Franklin, called on the federal government to “advance environmental justice” and “be guided by the best science.” In many ways, Biden’s words came as no surprise. Throughout the […]

Food Banks Straining to Meet Demand Show the Real Human Cost of Progressive Policies

Families are seeing the pinch at home, but so too are the charities that pick up the grocery bill for those who can’t make ends meet. Thanks to inflation, Americans increasingly cannot afford their grocery bills. Global food prices are projected to increase 23 percent this year, on top of the 30 percent they increased last year. […]

No Increase in Flight Cancellations After CDC Mask Mandate Lifted, Data Show

Data suggest that fears of widespread cancellation of flights in the wake of the CDC mask mandate being lifted are baseless, thankfully. It’s been two week since a federal court threw out the CDC’s transport mask mandate, to the glee of some and the outrage of others. While many people—including flight attendants and passengers on planes—celebrated the […]

The VA Bought 10,000 Smartphones during the Pandemic. 85% Were Never Used

  There’s a right way and a wrong way to help homeless veterans. The US Department of Veterans Affairs wasted $1.8 million in data plan costs for unused phones, according to an inspector general’s report released on Wednesday. The Veterans Health Administration had spent $7 million to purchase 10,000 phones with unlimited prepaid calling plans […]

Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate the TSA for Employing 47,000 Workers

The lump of labor hypothesis—that there are only so many jobs “out there”—is a fallacy. I recently took an airplane trip, departing from a medium-sized city. There must have been, oh, at least 100 Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees who were officiating at the boarding process: checking our luggage, ensuring our shoes were removed, delving […]

ANIMAL CRUELTY: New Report Reveals the Federal Government Is Spending Millions To Get Animals High

Research indicates that the federal government is actually responsible for the vast majority of animal cruelty in the country. Animal rights groups like PETA raise millions of dollars per year and spend their time dumping fake blood on celebrities’ fur coats. Even more radical groups like the Animal Liberation Front set restaurants that sell meat on fire and torch […]

Private-Sector Union Membership Hit Record Low in 2021, Labor Department Data Show

Private-sector union membership fell to 6.1 percent in 2021, the lowest level since the federal government started tracking this data. President Biden repeatedly has promised to be “the most pro-union president in American history.” But there’s one key group of people standing in his way: The tens of millions of workers who want nothing to do with […]

The Biggest Reason Netflix Shares Are Tanking [+video]

The main reason Netflix is hitting headwinds is straightforward: competition. When asked about the best way to fight monopolies in his documentary series Free to Choose, Milton Friedman had a firm answer: “the free market.” Some of his guests had other positions and argued that government intervention was necessary, but Friedman didn’t buy it. The Netflix […]

“Ministry of Truth” Trends on Twitter After Government Unveils New “Disinformation Governance Board”

The revelation that the government had created a new board to fight “disinformation” prompted a slew of Nineteen Eighty-Four comparisons. On Wednesday news broke that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—a department that didn’t exist 20 years ago but today spends $52 billion annually—had created a new “Disinformation Governance Board.” The news comes just days […]

Boston College Psychology Professor: “School Has Become a Toxic Place for Children”

Self-directed education, grounded in play, is most beneficial for youth learning and development. More families may be flocking to homeschooling and other schooling alternatives over the past two years, but Peter Gray has been urging families to flee coercive schooling since long before the pandemic began. The Boston College psychology professor wrote in his 2013 book Free To […]

18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Made Around the Time of the First Earth Day In 1970. Expect More This Year.

The prophets of doom were not simply wrong, but spectacularly wrong. CLICK HERE TO VIEW INFOGRAPHIC: ANNUAL CO2 EMMISSIONS IN THE U.S. FROM ENERGY CONSUMPTION, 1992 TO 2017 Today (Sunday, April 22) is Earth Day 2018 and time for my annual Earth Day post….. In the May 2000 issue of Reason Magazine, award-winning science correspondent Ronald Bailey […]