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Muslim Indoctrination and the U.S. Department of Education from Hihab Dress-Up to Convert

The World Hijab Day website presents hijab-wearing as a sign of empowerment; women and girls who wear hijabs are called “queens, princesses, and sultanas.” One blog post by Megan Baase, however, reveals that experimental hijab-wearing may have other effects.  Baase writes that she didn’t know much about Islam until World Hijab Day.  After reading about […]

Why Rubio Faltered: TEA Party Treason

According to Jack Oliver, legislative director of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, Senate Bill 744 would have given work permits and legalization to over 11 million illegal aliens, doubled authorized immigration to 22 million over the next decade, and added millions to welfare and entitlement rolls.  Oliver called it “amnesty first and a promise for enforcement […]

Catching Up with some Common Core Profiteers: Beyond the Project Veritas Videos

The Big Government-Big Education alliance has also had positive trickle-down effects for professors, who have benefited with publishing contracts and grants for their institutions.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the biggest funder of Common Core, continues to support universities that help in implementing their education initiatives.  Professors hopped on the Common Core gravy train […]

University to Hold ‘Segregated’ Diversity Workshops on Race

This month, to relatively little outrage or public notice, Oregon State University is holding segregated “diversity” sessions for students, staff, and faculty. At “retreats,” students and faculty will learn about identity and micro-agressions (for example: expressing a belief in merit, wearing an offensive Halloween costume, or having someone feel like she does not belong). The […]

On the ‘White Privilege’ movement

We close out the year with more protests and demands than ever, as our intellectuals engage in more and more “conversations” about race. The protests spilled over to restaurants and shopping venues, even as Americans celebrated Christmas.  The incubators are the schools and college campuses, where students are taught about injustices invisible to the common […]

2015: The Year of Leftist Speech Codes? The New Left’s monstrous movement turns on its own!

In 2015, leftists in the media and academia began criticizing the leftist mobs seeking to shut them down.  Kirsten Powers, the left-of-center commentator at Fox News, came out with a book titled, The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech. Northwestern University film professor Laura Kipnis, after being slapped with a Title IX lawsuit […]

Arne Duncan’s Legacy: Community Schools, Parental Engagement

The “Every Child Succeeds Act,” signed into law on December 10, gave all the usual suspects in big government, teachers unions, multinational textbook companies, social justice warriors, and busybody non-profits wanting a piece of the universal preschool funding pie cause for celebration. Today, the Department of Education sent out a notice about taking “First Steps […]

Treachery! Intrigue! Common Core Skullduggery Exposed

Are you curious about how the crazy new convoluted Common Core math problems came about?  Ever wonder why high school students are reading EPA standards in English class? Want to read a book full of suspense about backroom deals, MOU’s (Memorandums of Understanding), CCSSO licensing agreements, NGA funding, and secret handshakes?  That reveals who and […]

Aiding and Abetting Illegal Students

On October 20 President Obama, through the Department of Education, took another heavy-booted step in unlawfully transforming America by announcing the release of a 63-page “resource guide” to help educators, school leaders and community organizations better support “undocumented youth,” including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.  The “deferred action” does not create legal status, […]

The Legacy of Arne Duncan, Common Core and So Much More: College (Part 2)

As noted in my last post, outgoing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has done his part to transform America through K-12 education.  This has happened through Common Core and by expanding the Department’s reach into younger and older cohorts.  Duncan got the promise for an additional $1 billion for preschool education.  As the Chronicle of […]

The Legacy of Arne Duncan: Common Core and So Much More! (Part 1)

Much has been written about Arne Duncan’s surprise announcement on October 2 that he would be leaving his post as Secretary of Education.  A longtime friend of Barack Obama from Chicago, Duncan has also been the longest-serving member of the Obama Cabinet. Duncan’s announcement came only days after a glowing profile in Politico described Duncan’s […]

Planned Parenthood talks only to Womyn’s Studies Professors and Students

Alas, my requests for more information from Planned Parenthood regarding how such activities as the one I observed on September 17, 2015, at Hamilton College, as well as their national “Pink Out” Day on September 29, fit into their own or educational institutions’ missions, were ignored by Beth LeGere, Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood […]