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The Struggle Among The Political Elite Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran

The divisions within the Iranian establishment have deepened and become more evident than they had been because of the current uprising raging across Iran. These divisions seem to exist even among the Iranian clergy. Reformists condemn the government’s violent response while conservatives demand that protestors be “harshly punished” and “sentenced to death.” Iran’s Supreme Leader […]

ISIS ‘Breaking The Crosses’ and Other Ills

Issue 15 of the ISIS English-language magazine Dabiq from 2016 was titled “Breaking the Cross” by the terrorist organization. It was mostly an anti-Christian edition featuring theological arguments expanding on the much more succinct ISIS threat to the West that they would “break your crosses, take your women, and paint the White House black.”[1] The Islamic State’s […]

VIDEO: Widespread Anti-Regime Protests In Iran Continue

Basiji, IRGC, You Are Our ISIS! We’ll Give Our Lives For Freedom In Iran! This clip is a compilation of the continued widespread anti-regime protests in Iran following the death of Jina (Mahsa”) Amini, who died after being beaten and arrested by Iran’s morality police for not wearing her hijab properly. In this clip, protestors […]

Enforcing The Headscarf Is Not A Matter Of Cultural Choice – It Is An Attack Against Women

I am a woman who was born in a Muslim-majority country and I have resisted the pressure of the headscarf for my whole life. The issue of the headscarf is personal for me, and, like many others, I am following the protests in Iran. The spark caused by the Iranian morality police’s killing of Jina […]

Give Her Back Her Kurdish Name: Jina Amini

We all know her as Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old girl that was tortured and killed by the “religious morality police” of Iran’s Islamic Republic. However, her name was Jina, a beautiful Kurdish name, meaning “life.” In Iran, the Kurdish population is being discriminated against, and Kurdish names are banned. “Iran controls of how its citizens […]

If Iranians Want Change, They Will Have To Do It On Their Own – The West Will Not Help

“We will fight, we will die, we will take Iran back” and “Mullahs must get lost,” Iranian demonstrators keep chanting.[1] On September 23, in response to the regime’s cutting off mobile Internet, the State Department tried to take some measures to help the protestors, issuing a “General License” that would allow a general category of services […]

Afghan Taliban’s Trainer of Suicide Bombers is Now Afghanistan’s Deputy Intelligence Chief

Mullah Tajmir Jawad, the Afghan Taliban’s trainer of suicide bombers and now deputy chief of the Afghan intelligence agency General Directorate Of Intelligence (GDI), recently addressed a gathering in Kabul of the family members and children of suicide bombers killed in attacks in Afghanistan. He congratulated the relatives on the “martyrdom” of the bombers and […]

The Manifesto Posted On 8chan By Alleged El Paso Shooter Minutes Before Attack

A white supremacist manifesto was posted on 8chan shortly before the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas on August 3, 2019. It is believed to have been posted by the alleged shooter, although this has not been officially confirmed. What follows is a review and analysis of the manifesto. Introduction On August 3, 2019, in […]

Al Qaeda’s Chief Bomb Maker Calls for Attacks on U.S. Train Transport Systems

The following report is now a complimentary offering from MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click here. An article by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) chief bomb maker, Ibrahim Al-Asiri, in Issue 17 of the organization’s magazine Inspire, titled “Targeting Means of Transportation,” calls to target American transport systems (ground, air and […]

Russian Reactions To Macron’s Victory In The French Presidential Elections

Russian reactions to Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the second round of the French Presidential elections.on May 7, 2017 varied. Some dismissed Macron as a submissive servant of Merkel’s Germany or a continuation of the failed Hollande presidency. Others believed that he would be too preoccupied with internal and EU matters to prioritize relations with Russia. […]