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An Electoral Strategy for 2016

To be elected president or vice president of the United States requires a total of at least 270 votes in the Electoral College.  Through the strategic spending of other people’s money, especially among minority populations in our major urban areas, Democrats have fashioned an electoral map that gives them a relatively firm base of 22 […]

A Biden-Warren Ticket in 2016?

Will Joe run, or will he not?  That is the question.  If I had to venture a guess I’d say that, before year’s end, Hillary Clinton will be either sitting on the bench or exchanging her large selection of polyester pantsuits for a selection of orange or black-and-white striped jumpsuits.  Her campaign is in steep […]

The Virginia Shooting: Of Powder Kegs and Shoulder Chips

On Wednesday morning, August 26, 2015, forty-one-year-old Vester L. Flanagan II, a.k.a. Bryce Williams, walked up to a WDBJ-TV (Roanoke) television crew in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, drew a gun, and opened fire, killing 24-year-old news reporter Alison Parker and her 27-year-old cameraman, Adam Ward. Vicki Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of […]

A Watershed Moment in U.S. History

After weeks of agonizing by establishment Republicans and the mainstream media… agonizing over the question of what a bull-in-the-china-shop candidate like Donald Trump is doing among the largest-ever field of well-qualified Republican presidential candidates… Trump has announced a simple, straightforward plan for immigration reform, a plan that could represent a “watershed moment” in U.S. history.  […]

And the Beat Goes On…

In an October 2008 column titled “Obama is Bought, but Who Owns Him?” we disclosed what should have become the nation’s largest ever campaign finance scandal. Just days earlier, Obama had boasted that his fundraising base had increased by 1.0 million people, from 1.5 million to 2.5 million in the five month period between May […]

The GOP Debates Scorecard

The Republican National Committee plans to conduct at least nine debates in the 2015-16 presidential primary season, the first of which will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 6, 2015.  The debate will be co-sponsored by Fox News and Facebook and moderated by Fox News anchors, Bret Baier, Megyn […]

Biden’s Big Moment

On Friday evening, July 24, the Fox News Network interrupted regular programming for a short news-break.  In one of the news briefs, the Fox reporter announced that Barack Obama had arrived in Kenya, “his ancestral home,” where he would be reunited with family relatives… uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. In that brief announcement, the Fox news […]

America at the Tipping Point

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 split decision, declared that the institution of marriage is not limited to individuals of opposite genders… one man and one woman.  Five of the nine justices found a way to conclude that the Constitution guarantees a right to marriage between same-sex couples.  “No […]

Grimly, History Repeats Itself

In a recent story by BBC reporter Jane Corbin, she describes the plight of Christians living in Muslim nations of the Middle East.  After a visit to an ancient monastery in Iraq, she writes, “As I climbed the steep mountain path above the plain of Nineveh, Iraq, the sound of monks chanting and the smell […]

The Clintons’ Achilles Heel?

For most of the 20th century, until 1989, the major public accounting firms in the U.S. and the U.K. were known as the Big Eight.  Listed alphabetically, they were Arthur Anderson, Arthur Young & Company, Coopers & Lybrand, Ernst & Whinney, Deloitte Haskins & Sells, Peat Marwick Mitchell, Price Waterhouse, and Touche Ross. However, in […]

The Democrat Party Flag

Listening to the incessant racist whining from the political left, one would think that the raising of the Confederate battle flag on the statehouse lawn in South Carolina is a well-conceived suicide plot by conservatives and Republicans.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  After two decades of relative quiet, the mass killings at Charleston’s […]

The Threat of Radical Islam

Change does not come swiftly to the Roman Catholic Church.  For example, prior to Galileo’s publication of his 1632 book, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Church leaders firmly believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that all other heavenly bodies, including the Sun, orbited around it.  Galileo disagreed.  As […]

Those Clinton Women

Listening to the reports of obscene speaking fees earned by Bill and Hillary Clinton… Bill commanding fees of from $500,000-750,000 a speech and Hillary demanding $200,000-300,000, along with private jets and presidential suites… I turned to my wife and said, jokingly, “What do you suppose Chelsea gets for a thirty or forty minute speech?” In […]

You Can’t Have One without the Other

A May 5, 2015 article in Scouting Magazine by Bryan Wendell, a senior editor for Boys’ Life, Scouting, and Eagles’ Call magazines, reminded Boy Scout leaders across the country that page 99 of the 2015 Boy Scout Handbook prohibits the use of toys such as water guns and Super Soakers in friendly water games.  According […]