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Dear Esther: Chicago Does Not Need A Black Woman Mayor

What Chicago needs is an honest, non-corrupt, economically literate, competent mayor that can lift the once-great city out of the tragic farce it has become. That might be a black woman. It might not. Esther Cepeda, in one of the most insipidly stupid takes on politics I’ve read in quite awhile — and that’s saying something — believes that […]

It’s Really Not AOC, Amazon Or The Green New Deal; It’s Democrats And Their Media

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez phenomenon in the Democratic Party is both scrumptious and terrifying to watch because it either destroys the Democratic Party for the foreseeable future or it cripples America for good. It cannot be emphasized enough up front: The media has created the pretty AOC monster with endless lavish and uncritical cover stories, Sunday […]

Florida Facing A Complete Assault Weapon Ban In 2020

Florida, the state with some of the strongest Second Amendment protections in the country, may be facing the reality of voters putting a full-on assault weapons ban into the Florida Constitution — bypassing a Republican-controlled Legislature that has resisted any such moves even after last year’s Parkland school massacre. Gail Schwartz, the aunt of one […]

Craigslist Progressive Founder Pours Millions Into Journalism “Ethics”

Craiglist’s Founder Craig Newmark has donated $15 million to the two premier journalism institutions in the nation to teach ethics and improve trust among Americans. Columbia School of Journalism in Missouri, with probably the leading graduate journalism program in the country, will get $10 million to establish the Craig Newmark Center for Journalism Ethics and […]

Turns Out California Democrats Used Illegals For Ballot Harvesting

Sometimes a clueless leftist media is a conservative’s best friend. The Los Angeles Times published a big mushy kiss of a puff piece on New Year’s Day about how Dreamers got deeply involved in the 2018 midterm elections that turned so many red Congressional seats blue — particularly in the days after the election through ballot harvesting. […]

2019-2020: The Coming Battle To Save Free Speech

For conservatives, the idea that free speech — that most integral of constitutional protections ensconced in the First Amendment — is now under full-scale assault culturally, corporately and governmentally is not exactly news. We’ve been feeling the hammer for some time now. But 2018 saw the ugly head of creeping authoritarian impulses poke above the […]