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Behind The Goya Boycott Is The Legacy Media

The rolling fallout of the Cancel Culture targeting Goya Foods is the perfect education point for the dynamics of how the loudest, angriest fringes on Twitter leverage the agenda-driven media to create hysterical responses devoid of context or rationality. It all started at a routine Rose Garden affair last week when the CEO of Goya […]

The Four Communist Machines Behind The Floyd Protests

Antifa has been identified as the primary driver of the violent riots engulfing American cities. But there is a critical second arm of this unholy alliance that has been around longer and has deep roots, along with possible foreign connections. Communists. It shouldn’t be shocking. Communists domestic and foreign have been trying to undermine and […]

Pennsylvania: Case Study In Exploiting A Crisis

We have two America’s happening right now guided by two completely different ideologies. States run by red Governors are largely working to open their states from the shutdown or have already done so. Western Journal reports, “15 days after restrictions started being lifted, (Georgia Gov. Brian) Kemp indicated on Twitter that the emerging evidence supports his […]

Both Parties Have Unleashed The Beast On America

The Founding Fathers understood. The monster must be imprisoned, shackled and padlocked in multiple ways. If it is not securely and soundly constrained, it will break free and terrorize the countryside. We see their increasingly ignored forewarnings brightly highlighted in draconian shutdown orders. The monster of course is government, by nature a truly monstrous being. […]

Dems Ramp Up Impeachment II As Flynn Gets Justice

It’s taken three painful years for truth to emerge. But we now know that the head of the Democratic Party’s House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, lied to the American people to justify the Mueller Special Counsel investigation into so-called Trump-Russia collusion. He was hardly the only one. Condoning that behavior, or allowing it to go […]

The Evidence Is Coming In: Virus Experts May Have Been Badly Wrong

It’s looking more like the experts got the handling of COVID-19 wrong. Maybe really wrong. In analyzing the data from countries who took dramatically different measures in response to COVID-19, from the most severe restrictions to very few restrictions (countries that keep and share good data, not China or Iran) it appears they are all […]

Pennsylvania Governor Uses Virus Scare To Institute Socialism Measures

“The plea of necessity, that eternal argument of all conspirators.” — William Henry Harrison, 9th U.S. President Back on Jan. 15, 2020, I told a group of business owners at a Rotary meeting that freedom for the everyday citizen is in the hands of those who control their economic destiny. The enemy of Marxism is […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Powerful Case for Free Market Healthcare

The power grab from leftists during this pandemic requires an answer. Dr. Julio Gonzalez provides it in his new book, The Case for Free Market Healthcare, that builds the powerful case for free market healthcare to solve our challenges from drug costs to available physicians to lower costs. An orthopaedic surgeon, attorney, former Florida Representative and […]

Florida Gets Full Stock of Medical Supplies, Media Barfs!

The media continues to vomit all over what’s left of their shredded credibility, criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for doing too little for weeks now because he did not panic and shutdown the state, and now casting nasty aspersions at him for, somehow preparing too well. It’s despicable and true. The Florida media has harped […]

Governor Despots? Panic Is Stripping Americans Of Essential Liberties

Ignored or buried in this global pandemic panic is the giant risk we have already taken not to the economy, as horrible as that is, but to our essential liberties. This is not theoretical anymore. Forget the President. Since when does every governor, mayor, county executive and dog catcher in the country have unlimited powers […]