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Democrats Blow Up Future Confirmations, #MeToo Is Collateral Damage

The current strategy being employed by Democrats to stop President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court has already probably damaged the #MeToo movement. But worse, if successful the strategy will make future Supreme Court confirmations nastier and uglier and turn them into brief, brute force actions by the party in power. The merit of […]

Current Media Being Crippled By Culture and Technology

Two coinciding culture points are flowing side-by-side to suggest an ongoing revolution in communications — one that could both dramatically change how Americans choose their communication channels while sharply undermining the influence of the mainstream media. Number one: We, driven by the media and our celebrity culture, have made American presidents out to be far […]

Tonight: The Toxic Nike-Kaepernick Era Begins Dragging Down Nike, NFL

Few companies have tailored their image to a broad audience more carefully than Nike. From NBA greats Michael Jordan and LeBron James to soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo to tennis great Serena Williams, Nike has used mainstream sports superstars to instill the idea that if you “Just Do It” you can achieve anything. All of which […]

Socialism vs. Trump after Massive Turnout in Florida’s Tuesday Primary

Florida is the largest swing state in the union and possibly the most demographically representative with transplants from the Northeast and Midwest, along with natives of the South. Plus it’s the third largest state after California and Texas, which are not as representative. That makes the results of Tuesday’s primaries so intriguing to the tea-leaf […]

EXPOSED: Astonishing Fake News Against Rick Scott in Senate Race

I don’t really like the term “fake news” because it has come to mean any story with which the person using the phrase disagrees. That’s not particularly helpful. But there really is fake news out there, and it is being heavily promulgated by the dinosaur media that is still pretending to be mainstream. It’s not just the […]

Colleges Are Turning Red Students Radically Blue

A good friend of mine recently attended his daughter’s high school graduation and was amazed at the high number of students attending prestigious universities around the nation. That includes his daughter, who is traveling across the continent to attend Stanford University. The high school is located in a very conservative part of Southwest Florida just […]

Hundreds Of Media Outlets Make Trump’s Point Today

The media is a surprisingly self-unaware lot sometimes. And boy are they putting a fine point on that today. A few months ago, the media went into circus hysterics when Sinclair Broadcast Group required all of the company’s television news anchors around the country to read a scripted editorial that pointed out the “troubling trend […]

Environmental Activists Ignore The Strong Case For Offshore Oil Drilling

By David Mica While environmental activists continue to push the same weak claims for opposing offshore energy exploration and production despite successful operations elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, there are 56,000 reasons why Florida should open its waters to exploration. That’s the number of high-paying Florida jobs Florida could see by 2035 if it […]

The Media’s Full-Throated Defense Of NYT’s Hiring An Anti-White Bigot

As the story surrounding Sarah Jeong’s anti-white shamefulness unfolds it only gets worse, and it goes directly to the bifurcation of our country that comes from the stew of leftist hierarchy identity politics, anti-Americanism and a now openly dishonest and partisan media. The progressive defense of the Times’ hiring a bigot, particularly by the media, […]

Social Media Proves The Need For Whatfinger Style Alternatives

In this era of growing mass censorship of conservative, traditionalist opinion and overt media bias, the need for alternative news and information outlets has never been greater. No hyperbole. Legitimately never greater. The reason is twofold: ➔ The victory of political correctness and the rise of identity politics on the American left, which dominates the dissemination of […]

Democrats Caught In Vile Attack On Wife Of Trump’s Florida Co-Chair

The deteriorating state of the American left and the Democratic Party was on vivid display again in a recent, ugly controversy in Florida that Democrats initiated, then tried to shrug off and finally back-tracked on after media coverage exposed it. A Democrat running for local government office posted on Facebook about an issue facing voters […]

Let’s Be Honest: Mexico Is A Bad Neighbor

This is not a shot at Mexicans. They are humans in the exact same way as Americans, Nigerians, Italians, Indonesians and every other people group. In the Christian view, they are made in the image of God. In the American Founders’ view, they like all men are created with inalienable rights granted by God. But this is a shot […]