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FLORIDA: School Punishes Teacher Who Refused To Watch Girl Change In Boys’ Locker Room

Another Florida school district is cutting parents out of the loop on transgender school kids and gagging teachers, but this time going after a male P.E. teacher who refused to observe a middle school girl who was claiming to feel like a boy and using the boys’ locker room. Pasco County schools, a suburban county […]

Florida Media Is Adjusting Recount Expectations Downward

Several major Florida media outlets are running stories today explaining that the likelihood of the contentious Florida election recount changing the results of Tuesday’s elections are very small. That is good news for Republicans, bad news for Democrats, on a couple of fronts. The state’s largest paper, the Tampa Bay Times, reported: “…a recount that reverses […]

UPDATED: The Latest On The Florida Recount Furor

On election day, Democrat Nikki Fried lost in a very close race to Republican Matt Caldwell for the Florida Cabinet office of agriculture commissioner. But after Broward’s rounds of late — illegally late — vote tallies, she is now ahead by 5,326 votes, So in a display of dizzying chutzpah, she has claimed victory and started working […]

Countering The False Claims As Immigration Takes Center Stage by Peter B. Gemma

Immigration will be center stage with the Democrats now in charge of the House and President Trump determined to secure America’s borders and control who can come in. And so the surplus of claims made by immigration advocates that are either misleading, incomplete, a rewriting of history or just flat wrong will be rolling forward […]

One Last Election Surprise: Pre-Planned Media Hit Piece On Rick Scott

With the U.S. Senate in the balance, Florida’s largest newspaper chain published a last-minute hit piece on Gov. Rick Scott, an apparent attempt to undermine his campaign to unseat 46-year Washington politician Sen. Bill Nelson — the man Forbes magazine once famously depicted on their cover with, literally, an empty suit. The pre-planned package of […]

Inside The SPLC/Media Matters/MSM Machine Smearing Republicans

There is a new, well-financed, well-oiled smear machine that is spinning up mud and using the media to spread it as though it is legitimate news. It goes like this: The Southern Poverty Law Center uses its anti-conservative, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-illegal immigration, pro-LGBTQ metrics to identify “hate groups.” The result: It has managed to label […]

The Democrats’ 5-Point Pitch For Voters Summed Up

Remove all of the nonsense spun up daily by the media, peel back the coverage spin, and what is revealed is a series of five Democratic positions that are, not to put too fine a point on it: Absurd and unpopular. And most Americans find them to be absurd, damaging, crazy, annoying or all of […]

Florida Schools: Transgender Children’s Choice Must Be Hid From Parents

A Florida school superintendent in very conservative coastal Sarasota County is implementing a radically leftist transgender policy without public input or a vote of the School Board, a policy that among other things strips parents of their right to know what their child is doing in school and turns over a fundamental right of parenting […]

Here’s What Will Happen In This Week From Hell Brought To You By Jeff Flake

Here’s what’s going to happen this week. It does not require a Biblical-level prophet or a crystal ball. As a longtime mainstream media journalist and political consultant, I can see this as clearly as if I had it straight from Mount Sinai — minus the actual divine revelation. Seriously, just seeing forward by looking backward. […]

Democrats Blow Up Future Confirmations, #MeToo Is Collateral Damage

The current strategy being employed by Democrats to stop President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court has already probably damaged the #MeToo movement. But worse, if successful the strategy will make future Supreme Court confirmations nastier and uglier and turn them into brief, brute force actions by the party in power. The merit of […]

Current Media Being Crippled By Culture and Technology

Two coinciding culture points are flowing side-by-side to suggest an ongoing revolution in communications — one that could both dramatically change how Americans choose their communication channels while sharply undermining the influence of the mainstream media. Number one: We, driven by the media and our celebrity culture, have made American presidents out to be far […]