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The Coming Collapse of the Republic

“We’re just one election away from full-blown socialism,” a man recently said to me during a short conversation. This sentiment has become increasingly common lately, even, notably, among the previously apolitical. Yet something is overlooked: In keeping with President Reagan’s observation, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” being one election away from tyranny […]

Gorsuch the Pharisee and Textualist Tomfoolery

The Supreme Court’s recent opinion that the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against “sex” discrimination offers protections for the “LGBT” groups has raised eyebrows and ire. But it’s not surprising: The decision’s author, Justice Neil Gorsuch, long ago made clear that he operates from false premises. One of these is what’s called “textualism,” which is […]

Culture Rape: Our Forefathers Condemned as Immoral — by the Worst Lowlifes Among Us

As statues again come down as our culture is further torn up, something goes unsaid and often unnoticed: Notable Western historical figures are being condemned as immoral — by the most immoral, decadent, degenerate people among us. The cultural revolutionaries attacking statues and what they represent, generally speaking: support prenatal infanticide, which claims one million […]

‘Defund the Police’? The Method to the Left’s Madness

Dismantling the police, a measure already proposed in Minneapolis, makes about as much sense as eliminating doctors or farmers and would likewise lead to pain and death. But if there is method to the madness, and I suspect there is in some Machiavellian quarters, it’s perhaps this: Certain leftists want to eliminate the police because […]

The Death of David Dorn: To BLM, Black Lives Matter Not

The revolutionaries kill who they claim to save and are the threat they claim to combat. Just ask the family of David Dorn. Dorn, murdered by rioters in Tuesday’s wee hours while defending a friend’s business, was a 77-year-old retired black police captain but also much, much more. Friends and family describe him as a […]

On George Floyd: There is NOTHING to Protest

With the mayhem following the last Monday death of arrestee George Floyd, many have pointed out that protesting is fine, but rioting is not. While obviously true, something equally so is left unsaid: There is nothing to protest. It’s not as with the murder of Justine Damond, where it took eight months to arrest the […]

Why Accepting Even Two Million Covid-19 Deaths May be Better Than a National Lockdown

We’ve heard much during the Wuhan flu crisis about a “worst case scenario” of two million dead Americans, a staggering number. But missing from the national conversation is something equally important: What’s the worst case scenario given our present course of action, largely locking down the country and freezing life like an insect stuck in […]

Would a Victorious Joe Biden be Removed for Mental Incapacity?

The Democratic Party is now confronted with a dilemma. Its two possible presidential nominees are perhaps equally unpalatable, though for different reasons. Socialist Bernie Sanders is, the establishment believes from a practical standpoint, ideologically unfit; Joe Biden is a garrulous gaffe machine who is mentally unfit. Yet what if, contrary to popular belief, neither man […]

“Trans” Men vs. Women: Feminists CREATED the Monster Now Devouring Women’s Sports

Here’s a question to ponder: If people think the male-female athletics performance gap is very slight, will they be more or less likely to oppose having men claiming womanhood enter women’s sports? Remember when answering that such men generally have treatments (e.g., testosterone-suppressing drugs) that partially eliminate their biological advantages. Okay, now here’s a story. […]

Dems’ Impeachment Strategy isn’t to Win Over the Senate, but DEFEAT the Senate

A common belief among conservatives is that Democrats have blundered in their impeachment trial argumentation, that they’ve shot themselves in the foot. Perhaps so. But we should remember that their goal cannot, logically, be to win over the Senate so President Trump can be ousted from office before November. It would have to be that […]

Killing Civilization: The Great Equality Farce

For the West to live, equality must die. By the latter I mean equality dogma, and a recent video I stumbled across again brought this issue to mind. It was part of an intersex wage-gap discussion that took place in Australia last year among renowned Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, Labor Party politician Terri Butler […]

Is Pelosi Timing the Impeachment Articles’ Release so as to Damage Bernie?

The conventional wisdom regarding Nancy Pelosi’s holding of the impeachment articles is that, as someone put it, she’d pulled the pin on the grenade and then didn’t know what to do. Yet even if she has bumbled into her current predicament, which seems likely, is there now some method to her madness? Has she found […]

On How Evangelicals Can Support Trump, Both Libs AND Conservatives Get it Wrong

With both the Russia and Ukraine hoaxes having fizzled and the “legal” means for President Trump’s removal perhaps exhausted, at least for now, the Left appears to have moved on to a “moral” argument designed to influence the 2020 election. Initiated by Christianity Today and advanced by figures such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the idea […]