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‘Trump wins’ on travel ban/refugee restrictions, or does he?

On the surface it might appear that the Trump Administration has won an important victory in the Supreme Court which ruled just a few hours ago on the so-called “travel ban” Executive Order, but in my view the Court has created an enormous bureaucratic mess, not to mention having re-written Refugee law! What were they […]

White House and Department of State leakers in battle over refugee costs

Can you believe it!  Reuters is reporting on four anonymous leakers (inside and outside the Department of State) who are saying chief White House aide Stephen Miller is trying to skew numbers to make the refugee program look more expensive than they claim it is! Most interesting to me is that a former State Department […]

Mark Steyn: ‘Demography explains most of everything’ [video]

Mark Steyn tells Tucker Carlson: “I’m a demography bore” That comment was in response to the latest (this time failed) terror attack in a Brussels train station yesterday. He went on to say: “Demography explains most of everything.” Yes, agreed Carlson. Steyn related his comment as  well to the close Georgia House race yesterday to explain […]

Illegal alien kills a 17-year old Muslim girl, discredits ‘open borders’ propaganda

Illegal alien from El Salvador allegedly murdered Nabra Hassanen a Muslim teenager walking with a group from the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center. Diversity is supposed to be beautiful, right?  Immigrants who come to the great American melting pot are supposed to love and respect multiculturalism, right?  Unlike in Europe, we do everything […]

TAKE ACTION: Put the brakes on the refugee resettlement program

Thanks to reader Denise for making a very cool flyer to remind you to call your Washington representatives to counter the lobbying campaign by the refugee industry this week.  They are ginning-up thousands of calls to Congress in advance of World Refugee Day tomorrow. This is a very handy way to get the phone numbers […]

Trump must fight on refugee issue as he did on climate ‘deal’

Our friend Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily tells us what he thinks of the Trump Administration’s weakness on the refugee issue. From WND.  Read it all, but here is the wrap-up: Hohmann does not believe Trump is taking the refugee resettlement issue seriously enough. The veteran journalist warned in his book there is a […]

Tennessee: World Relief accused of not taking care of their refugees

When refugees were initially being placed in the county where I live (now more than 10 years ago), our community’s first impression was that the ‘Christian’ resettlement agency—the Virginia Council of Churches—was basically dropping off a couple hundred refugees, placing them in deplorable housing, and then not providing them with some of their basic needs. […]

Australian Prime Minister mocks Trump at journalist gathering in Canberra

Check out the news here at Australia’s Nine News. So here’s my idea! Donald Trump could get the last laugh by cancelling the “dumb deal” Obama agreed to that would bring up to 1,250 of Australia’s unwanted so-called ‘refugees’, presently held in offshore detention facilities, to (your!) American towns. Bringing them here would save Turnbull’s political […]

Ninth Circuit rules, HIAS crows as Judicial coup is confirmed

It is not a surprise that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the President and his legal Constitutional power to keep America safe. I’m in a hurry this morning to get to my chores, so just want to give you Daniel Greenfield’s reading of the decision here at FrontPage magazine: 9th U.S. Circuit Court […]

Canada to expedite asylum claims from Yemen and Egypt

That is what Refugees Deeply is reporting here.  (To learn more about the pro-more-refugees site, go here.) Trudeau and Trump earlier this year. Obama junior (Justin Trudeau) is ‘welcoming’ the Muslim world to Canada while President Donald Trump has appealed the so-called travel ban case to the Supreme Court. One of the countries whose citizens Trump […]

VIDEO: What not to tell the Canadian taxpayers about Syrian refugees

This is an excellent use of 6 minutes of your time! I don’t know this program, but thank Paul for sending the youtube clip from The Rebel. I’m guessing that what Faith Goldy learned about Canada’s new 40,000+ Syrian population applies to America’s flow as well. We have followed Boy Trudeau’s rash Syrian resettlement program […]