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All 9 federal refugee resettlement contractors support Oct. 18th #NoMuslimBanEver rally

That is a rally partially sponsored by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to be held in Washington, D.C. this coming week. (As of this writing they have 847 confirmed planning to attend, here.) I told you about it here when the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was pushing its groupies to attend. Curious about whether the other eight federal refugee contractors (some receiving […]

Unlikely that today’s refugees will be like yesterday’s self-reliant immigrants to America

Reader Bob Enos sent us his thoughts after reading Ms. Wolfe’s paean (in Foreign Policy) to grandpa (in which the author takes the opportunity to, like all good Leftists, use hot button words to describe RRW).  See my post here with a link to “journalist” Lauren Wolfe’s opposition to the idea of “assimilation.”  (You may be able to […]

Taxpayer funded resettlement contractor helps organize march opposing Trump ‘Muslim ban’

I continue to be amazed that a quasi-government agency receiving millions of dollars from the US taxpayer is a leading agitator in marches against the hand that feeds them—in this case the Trump Administration.  Chutzpah! I suppose! The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is helping get people out to the #NoMuslimBanEver rally scheduled for a week from tomorrow—October 18th—in Washington, […]

First 98 of President Trump’s refugees have arrived, see where they went

The new fiscal year (2018) is now ten days old and we see that the first of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s and President Trump’s proposed 45,000 refugees have arrived! According to Wrapsnet: Top ethnic groups arriving in the group of 98 are from the DR Congo (25), Bhutan (21) and Somalia (16).  For our friends in Minnesota know […]

Refugee Admissions Report: U.S. tops list in permanent resettlements costing $1 trillion

I have to admit, I haven’t read it yet, but, for diehard grassroots investigators, know that the report is a treasure trove of information on the US Refugee Admissions Program and Trump’s 45,000 refugee ceiling *** for the year that began this past Sunday. Don’t miss the tables at the end, often more useful than all the […]

Syrian refugee complains that her brothers can’t come to U.S. from Saudi Arabia

What is wrong with this sob story? This Syrian family and the brothers left behind were in Saudi Arabia (one of the brothers had already emigrated to S.A.). Saudi Arabia is a safe country!  Therefore, why are these people now the responsibility of the US taxpayer? They weren’t living in some sqaulid camp. They were […]

Massive $20 million food stamp fraud bust in Florida, this time…

There is so much that could be done to stop the fraud including disallowing ‘mom and pop’ convenience stores from accepting EBT cards. If you are a longtime reader, you know that following food stamp fraud cases is a side interest of mine. Go here to my large archive on past cases.  I haven’t written much lately […]

Canada: Somali refugee terrorist in custody

“We know that Canada’s strength comes from our diversity!” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Lost in the horrific news from Nevada, is this story from Canada where another Somali refugee (a known wolf!) uses a car and a knife to ‘thank’ the country that ‘welcomed’ him and gave him shelter. (See Somali slasher story from Ohio, here) I’ve reported […]

Hillary’s Libya Legacy Could Affect You!

UN short-circuiting the flow from Libya to Europe by sending migrants to the good ol’ welcoming USA? Hillary, along with her gal pals Susan Rice and Samantha Power, are the leading culprits in the Obama Administration’s disastrous involvement in the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the creation of a failed state that has become a […]

Mama Merkel could have a rough next 4 years

Invasion of Europe news… What did she win? In four more years will Germany even be recognizable? You’ve seen the news I’m sure, but this headline at Reuters caught my attention: Incensed over refugees, east Germans punish easterner Merkel Here is the story.  Germany headed down the tubes IMHO (emphasis below is mine): BERLIN (Reuters) – For weeks, […]

Ignorance at the Washington Post is stunning

“As for the cost, most is borne by private resettlement agencies.” – Washington Post Editorial Board What! They don’t read RRW every day? I’ve said it on many occasions but it is frightening to know something about an issue and then see flat-out ignorance about it from people who should have the facts…. But, I suppose […]

Both suspects in London subway attack are Muslim ‘refugee kids’ nurtured by do-gooders

The ‘kids’ (unaccompanied alien minors?) were from Iraq and Syria.  Both received government-supported foster care from a couple known for their welcome to needy ‘kids.’ Sorry, this is the first thing I thought of – Al Wilson’s 1969 song “The Snake”: Of course we have to wonder if they were even kids when they got […]

Democrat candidate joins with Islamic supremacists to silence speech in a small Iowa town

This didn’t happen in Berkeley, California or St. Louis, Missouri but in a small Iowa town’s community center. I’m just going to give you the opening paragraphs of the story, but everyone of you concerned about the future of  our country should read the jaw-dropping account of a public meeting where Democrat protesters and Council […]

Thousands of impoverished people arriving in the U.S. while Americans are homeless

The image above is of Irma damage in Florida. The cost of hurricanes Harvey and Irma to the U.S. economy can be $290 billion or more. As I have said until you are surely sick to death of it, President Donald J. Trump is expected to present to Congress a ‘determination’ within days about how […]

Not just in America: Statue of Polish King who saved Europe from the Muslim horde desecrated

See the story here at Gates of Vienna blog. The other September 11th…. GoV: Austria is about to celebrate the 334th anniversary of the breaking of the Siege of Vienna, which took place on September 11-12, 1683. The force that rode to the relief of Vienna was led by King Jan (John) III Sobieski of Poland, who later became […]