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Awake America Great Again

Years ago, when I first was invited to write this column, my main objective was to write about things that make people Google. This was during a new era of the information age in which social media was spreading like wildfire, bringing the ends of the earth together into one anothers’ living rooms like never […]

A Baby Was Born

Today as I pen this column, it is a Monday in every sense of the word. Nothing says “Monday” like a return to work after a holiday. They could have named it Mundane, but that would have been too nice of a word. If any ordinary Monday could be aptly defined as mundane, then surely […]

The Wranglers

The cardboard box lay open before me as I contemplated my words, scissors still in hand.  I pulled the plastic-wrapped package out carefully, not because it was breakable, but because we were about to have THE TALK. “Okay son, before I pull these pants out of the package, you need to understand one thing and […]

Dear GOP Establishment: You’re Fired!

While political analysts have been scratching their collective heads over the 2016 race to the White House, for the average political spectator, the fissures and fractures of a broken establishment, at least for the GOP, became glaringly apparent on the evening of President Obama’s final State of the Union. Their pick for a Republican response […]