What are the Federal and Florida Laws and Criminal Penalties for Election Fraud?

As we approach the 2022 mid-term elections on November 8th, 2022 it is important for citizens to understand the specific federal and recently revised Florida laws, and accompanying criminal penalties, for voter and election fraud.

Why? Because voter fraud has now become a “multi-dimensional interference” in elections.

Every illegal ballot or ballot cast by an illegal voter is a clear and present danger and a threat to our national security.

This information is provided for those who many witness voter fraud and what are your responsibilities to report it to either or to both the Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security and federal authorities, i.e. the FBI.

First here is the Federal law under 52 U.S. Code § 20511 – Criminal penalties:

A person, including an election official, who in any election for Federal office

(1)knowingly and willfully intimidates, threatens, or coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any person for—

(A) registering to vote, or voting, or attempting to register or vote;
(B) urging or aiding any person to register to vote, to vote, or to attempt to register or vote; or
(C) exercising any right under this chapter; or

(2) knowingly and willfully deprives, defrauds, or attempts to deprive or defraud the residents of a State of a fair and impartially conducted election process, by—

(A) the procurement or submission of voter registration applications that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent under the laws of the State in which the election is held; or
(B) the procurement, casting, or tabulation of ballots that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent under the laws of the State in which the election is held, shall be fined in accordance with title 18 (which fines shall be paid into the general fund of the Treasury, miscellaneous receipts (pursuant to section 3302 of title 31), notwithstanding any other law), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. (Pub. L. 103–31, § 12May 20, 1993107 Stat. 88.)

On April 25th, 2022 Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill (SB) 524 which created a police force dedicated to pursuing voter fraud and other election crimes.

Senate Bill (SB) 524, Election Administration, was passed and signed into law in order to ensure that the State of Florida continues to have secure and accurate elections. This legislation strengthens election security measures by requiring voter rolls to be annually reviewed and updated, strengthens ID requirements, establishes the Office of Election Crimes and Security to investigate election law violations, and increases penalties for violations of election laws.

To read more about the bill, click here.

Florida Secretary of State, Laurel M. Lee at the signing ceremony said,

“Governor DeSantis has made elections integrity a top priority from the very beginning of his administration, taking steps to ensure we invested in our elections systems, strengthened our cyber defenses, modernized equipment, updated voter rolls, and improved transparency, and we’ve seen results. As Florida’s Chief Elections Official, I share Governor DeSantis’ strong commitment to elections integrity. We want to ensure that every Floridian can have confidence that in Florida, we do elections right.”

It is incumbent on all citizens to be on the look out for election fraud.

The film 2000 Mules shows how election fraud has now become a threat to our national security and our free and fail election process. wrote,

Both The Epoch Times and D’Souza have investigated and followed the many aspects, conflicting arguments, waves of evidence, people directly involved, and more…associated with the very sophisticated, multi-dimensional interference of the last national election in November of 2020. Without a doubt the compilation of evidence substantiates the reason for the initial Joint Public Arizona Legislative Hearing in Phoenix on November 30, 2020. Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem and Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli co-chaired the day-long hearing, and testimony along with cyber-evidence presented by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and a team of professionals. Epoch Times, One America News, and seven other fair and balanced news organizations provided national coverage for the ten hour hearing. I was privileged to coordinate all aspects leading up to the legislative hearing, and then thereafter. This hearing launched investigations and hearings in 16 other states.

Stealing the vote is now the greatest threat to our Constitutional Republican form of government.

Remember, every illegal vote cancels out one legal vote. Cast enough illegal votes and you can win a presidential election.

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