It appears that Pfizer employees had a special batch of vaxx just for them, not the same as the public was made to take

Thank you M: The Gateway Pundit – Pfizer Executive Can’t Provide Definitive Answer Why Its COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Myocarditis and Pericarditis During Australian Hearing

Pfizer Under Question

The company was very reluctant to attend the committee hearing and also reluctant to supply a straight answer, automatically falling back on their ‘safe and effective’ mantra to dodge answering the question.

Already, this Senate Hearing revealed that Pfizer is rewriting history on transmission of infection.

We’re supposed to conveniently forget they said “get it to protect others, to save grandma” and “when you’re vaccinated the virus stops with you”.

They’re hiding behind their indemnity contract with our government and dodging responsibility.

ATAGI and the Australian governments must stop pushing these unsafe and ineffective shots and drop the destructive mandates now.

Why Can’t Moderna Provide These Answers?

During last night’s Senate hearing into our COVID 19 Vaccine Discrimination Bill representatives from Moderna couldn’t provide the numbers of serious adverse reactions from their COVID mRNA injection.

Australia – Malcolm Roberts questioned Pfizer representatives last night in a Senate Hearing

Pfizer can’t explain why their Covid Vax causes myocarditis – Senate Estimates 3.8.23

A tough day for Pfizer Australia in Senate hearings today.

Australian politicians grill Pfizer and Moderna execs over COVID jab heart injuries

[…]Representatives from the two Big Pharma companies refused to give direct answers to questions about the vaccines causing myocarditis and pericarditis.

[…]Pfizer employees received a separate batch of Covid shots

[…]Contracts between Pfizer and Australian government ‘remain confidential’

Pharma-Funded TGA Downplays Pfizer Adverse Events

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