TERRORISTS UNITE: Black Lives Matter Posts In Support of Hamas Savages, Calls For Hamas-Style Decolonization of America

BLM is calling for the decolonization of our homeland. They’ll bring this horror here.

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Added information:

Every company that donated to these ghouls should be publicly denounced.




American Jihad: Thousands of Terror-Linked Migrants Stopped at U.S. Southern Border

URGENT ADVISORY: Islamic Terrorists Will Publish Photos, Videos of Hostages and Acts of Torture Across Social Media

CBC Tells Reporters Not to Use ‘Terrorist’ in Hamas Atrocities Coverage, Leaked Emails Show

Photos Emerge of Jewish Children Burned Alive By Hamas

In Israel: “40 Babies Discovered With Their Heads Cut Off”

Biden’s Special Iran Envoy Spied for Iran: ”Worst State Department scandal since Alger Hiss”

Watch: Islamic Cleric at Pro-Terror Rally in Times Square: “Islam is the Correct Religion…We Will Not Stop Until it Enters Every Home.”

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