THE WAR ON X: WW III The Global War Against Islamic Terrorism — Day 6

We are now in the 6th day of war between the world and Islam.

This is Not About Israel, It’s About Islam wrote,

We can stand together or fight and die alone. This war was declared over 1,000 years ago. Flying planes into skyscrapers, running over French pedestrians with a truck, massacring Indian families, and Israeli concertgoers is the same war. Islamic terrorists and their allies try to make every attack about the specific context of a situation in a particular corner of the world. That’s a lie that too many fall for. Even countries that are the victims of Islamic terrorism often draw lines between the “good” and “bad” Islamic terrorism. We do it ourselves. But there is no such line. Whether a country is good or bad makes no difference. Islamic terrorists come for every country eventually. There is no major nation that has not faced Islamic terrorist attacks as long as it has a significant Muslim population within or near its borders. America, India, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil (a planned Olympic massacre) are just a few of the examples. The smaller countries that have come under attack are nearly endless. If you exist, you’re a target. Read Daniel’s entire article.

The civilized world is dealing with individuals, organizations and nation states who are savages.

As noted in his column titled Savages,

Civilizations that spend enough time allowing savages to hang around will fall. Tolerating savages is actually a sign that a civilization has turned decadent. Welcoming and advocating for savages means that the end is nigh. Viable civilizations drive savages away. They do it not just to protect themselves but because banishing savages is what makes a civilization civilized. When civilizations forget what the difference between themselves and the savages are, they lose their sense of right and wrong, and they can no longer explain why savagery is wrong. When faced with the worst imaginable crimes, they can still equivocate a case for the criminals. Read Daniel’s article Savages.

WW III The Global War Against Islamic Terrorism — Day 6

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