THE WAR ON X: WW III The Global War Against Islamic Terrorism — Day 9

Today is October 15, 2023, the 9th day of the Global War Against Islamic Terrorism.

We now know that both the Iranian Mullahs and Biden are funding the Hamas terrorists to carry out their brutal campaign against innocent women and children including: Murdering babies, burning children alive, beheading children and civilians, kidnapping children, raping women and children and murdering hundreds at a concert and shooting dogs.

To understand what is happening one must understand the idea of Fitnah, a heretical uprising.

Fitnah is the most essential motivational component of Islamic theology, i.e., it is the cornerstone of an adversarial, confrontational worldview that inevitably leads to a state of perpetual conflict with the non-Islamic world.

In fact, fighting against the multi-faceted threat of Fitnah is such an essential part of a Quran-based worldview, that it is both the Strategy and Tactics and the ‘Beating Heart’ of the Global Islamic Movement (GIM). Removing Fitnah from the world is so fundamental to Islamic ideology that every primary source contains extensive references to this concept.

The mission of Hamas is ethnic cleansing to stop the Fitna (ending any and all resistance to Islam), pure and simple. 

As the Israeli Defence Forces move further into Gaza they find more and more atrocities being committed in the name of Mohammed.

What is notable is that the Iranian soccer team  at the World Cup refused to sing the Iranian national anthem.

CBS News’ Christopher Brito wrote,

The Iranian soccer team’s players chose not to sing their country’s national anthem before their opening match against England on Monday at the World Cup in Qatar, in apparent solidarity with protesters back home. As Iran’s national anthem played at Khalifa International Stadium, television cameras showed the starting players standing stoically, but not singing.


, from CNN, wrote, “The families of Iran’s World Cup soccer team have been threatened with imprisonment and torture if the players fail to ‘behave’ ahead of the match against the USA on Tuesday, a source involved in the security of the games said. Following the refusal of Iranian players to sing the nation’s national anthem in their opening match against England on November 21, the source said that the players were called to a meeting with members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The source said that they were told that their families would face ‘violence and and torture if they did not sing the national anthem or if they joined any political protest against the Tehran regime.

WW III The Global War Against Islamic Terrorism — Day 9

The Bottom Line

Gaza is a pit of butchers. Genocidal maniacs occupy Gaza. These in human soldiers of Allah must be eliminated from Gaza. Ship them to their handlers Iran, where they can then use their skills to butcher others as the Iranian Army is doing to its own citizens.

These rapists, kidnappers, beheaders of babies, murders of women and children would be welcome in Iran, where their skills can best be put to use.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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